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Silly Signs for Get Togethers!

The holiday season is a time for reunions, get togethers and parties. Do you have relatives coming to town? Friends visiting? Want to impress them with a custom banner at the airport, or a poster when they come in your abode? Make it memorable with a high quality sign or banner displaying something spectacular, or spectacularly silly, like in-jokes or hilariously photoshopped images of the celebrant or guest in question. Imagine waving that around in the airport!


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On the Importance of Goofing Off

We at Premium Sign Solutions pride ourselves not only in our hard work, but also in our creativity. But how do you cultivate creativity? It’s not just about logging in “creativity” hours – that’s just asking for burnout. Creativity isn’t just about repetition. Yes, it’s part of the package since the brain needs exercise to get used to thinking creatively… but even an athlete trying to reach peak performance needs downtime away from the gym for his or her muscles to rebuild. For building creativity, that means taking some time away to goof off! (more…)

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Vinyl Wall Graphics for Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP in Universal City

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed digitally-printed and cut vinyl wall graphics for Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP in Universal City. This was done at their San Fernando Valley location, and the signs were based on the customer’s provided art. Gloss UV lamination was applied on the print for added protection. All in all, the lobby sign conveys an understated elegance!

Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP provides criminal defense or personal injury attorneys for those in need of help.

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Banner Sign for Crunch Fitness Las Cruces, New Mexico

Tarzana-based Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed this vinyl banner on the main facade at Crunch Fitness Las Cruces, which serves as a placeholder while we fabricate and install their permanent sign. It’s part of our sign packages, while you’re waiting for the finished product we’ll make sure you won’t go sign-less in the meanwhile!

Crunch Fitness was founded in New York City’s East Village in 1989. Crunch is not just a business, but a diverse community that nurtures wellness, providing people with a welcoming atmosphere that inspires them to reach their health goals.

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Avoiding Project Pitfalls with the PSS Difference

Quality signs from quality sign-makers are irreplaceable and you can’t skimp on that – remember, your sign sends a message! Skimping on your signs will more often than not result in project pitfalls that in turn will cause headaches down the line – and you can’t afford that in competitive places like Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley. Look at the above picture, of course that’s not one of ours, but that’s what happens when you take shortcuts. They couldn’t even get the panels of their outdoor sign to have matching shades of white. How do you mess up white? Jeez. (more…)

car wrap, vinyl wrap, vehicle wrap, outdoor sign, nursing service, healthcare, Los Angeles, San Fernando valley
car wrap, vinyl wrap, vehicle wrap, outdoor sign, nursing service, healthcare, Los Angeles, San Fernando valley

Slice of Life: Car Wraps for Nursing Services in the San Fernando Valley

At Premium Sign Solutions, we do more than create and install signs on or inside buildings, we also make car wraps, vehicle graphics and vehicle lettering. Most of it happens in our garage and the final process of sticking the wrap on a car is a really precise yet really hands-on one, there’s no margin for error. Pockets of air or misaligned wraps not only look bad but also have shorter lifespans than properly and tightly-applied wraps, so that’s why vinyl wraps have to be applied with tender loving care. After all… handmade is still best made in San Fernando Valley. 😉

This time, we made a car wrap for a nursing service, specifically Nurse Next Door.


evacuation map, identification map, los angeles fires, los angeles, emergency signs, evacuation map sign, identification map sign
evacuation map, identification map, los angeles fires, los angeles, emergency signs, evacuation map sign, identification map sign
evacuation map, identification map, los angeles fires, los angeles, emergency signs, evacuation map sign, identification map sign

Contributing to the Los Angeles Firefighting Effort

Premium Sign Solutions supports the community’s effort against the wildfires raging across the greater Los Angeles area, blazes that have resulted in the mobilization of a thousand firefighters and the evacuation of numerous citizens. In these circumstances, everyone has to pitch in since we’re all in the same boat and every little bit helps. Even our sign-making expertise plays a role, as the evacuation and identification map signs we manufacture assist both civilians and the brave fire-fighters putting themselves at risk to stop the ferocious fires and ensure everyone’s safety.


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Business Signs for Farmers Insurance in Westlake Village

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed signs for Farmers Insurance agent Hayley Gartland Williams’ office in Westlake Village. The signs in question included window graphics, that used Farmers-compliant 3M white vinyl, and monument sign panels made from aluminum and mounted to existing posts. The window vinyl and directory signs certainly spruced up the establishment!

Farmers Insurance Group is a Los Angeles-based insurer group specializing in automobiles, homes and small businesses, while also providing other insurance and financial services and products. Hayley Gartland Williams‘ branch services the areas of Westlake, Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, and Camarillo.




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Storefront Sign for Wiser Wash in Paramount

Tarzana-based Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a storefront sign for Wiser Wash in Paramount. The business sign is composed of laser-cut acrylic dimensional letters, painted blue in a gloss finish and mounted over the establishment’s entrance. The dimensional logo’s clean and gentle aesthetics, with its vantage point, ensures that it will be noticed by passersby.

Wiser Wash is an innovative pioneer of organic and environmentally-friendly denim manufacturing with a washing process that makes no use of corrosives and uses 90% less water than traditional laundries.

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Dimensional Letters and Logo for Merrill Lynch in Encino

Premium Sign Solutions finished an outdoor monument sign for Merrill Lynch in Encino by flush mounting flat cut, anodized, brushed aluminum dimensional letters and logo to their preexisting marble monument. The bold letters and the bull logo on this business sign are certainly unmistakable.

Merrill Lynch is a Bank of America corporation. Its Encino branch is the base of operations for elite financial advisors dedicated to providing top-tier services to their clients.