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Do you want your brand name and logo to welcome your guests, stakeholders, and clients in style?


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Are you looking to make a great first impression for your business with a custom sign?


We can help, you have come to the right place. Premium Sign Solutions a Southern California’s premier signage company has branches in Beverly Hills, Burbank, Encino, Pomona, Simi Valley, and Thousand Oaks. We make custom design lobby signs for Southern California Businesses. We specialize in creating unique, custom signs that perfectly represent your business. At Premium Sign Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality signs that elevate your brand.


What is a Lobby Sign, and is it important

The different types of reception signs

The materials are entrance signs made from

The available styles of foyer signage

The size options of lobby signs

The cost of a reception sign

The ordering process for your entrance signage

And how to contact us for your business signs.

]Lobby sign at Metropolis Dermatology
Lobby sign at Metropolis Dermatology thick black acrylic with brushed faces sign

What is a Lobby Sign?

Lobby signs in your building or business identify, direct, and welcome visitors. We make reception signs from wood, metal, plastic, and glass. Placed in the entrance, reception signage identifies your business. Your entrance sign will provide directions and welcome your visitors.


Custom lobby signs are important for many reasons. They can:


Identify your business

Reception signs are a great way to let your visitors know on arrival what business they are in. This is especially important if your company shares a building with other businesses.


Welcome your visitors

Business signs with friendly language and welcoming visuals make reception signs welcoming for your visitors and make them feel comfortable.


Brand your business

You brand your business with your logo, colors, and tagline on entrance signs. Entrance signs with these elements create a positive first impression.


Promote your business

Including your business offerings on the foyer, sign would promote them. A reception sign can convey your unique service offerings to staff and visitors.


Our business signage company collaborates with you in the design process to create the ideal solution for your business. We capture the essence of your company style to compliment your decor.

LA SEO Westlake Village
LA SEO Westlake Village painted thick flat cut acrylic sign

Types of lobby signs


What are the different types of lobby signs available for you to choose from?


Business signs come in so many styles we make custom signs to suit your decor. We offer a wide range of lobby signs suitable for businesses throughout Southern California.


Acrylic signs

Acrylic signs are either solid color, clear or translucent. It’s a type of plastic that is lightweight and durable. We can cut it into any shape or size and mount it flush or raised.


Flat-cut metal

For your most durable sign option, choose flat-cut metal signs. And the letters or shapes could have any finish or a variety of colors. Flat-cut metal signs are a good choice if your business needs a more industrial or classic look. This high-quality sign is especially well suited to legal and financial firms.



Three-dimensional letter sign made with shaped material or flat cut metal or acrylic. We can illuminate them from behind, with the letters raised off the surface of the sign. This gives them a more three-dimensional appearance.


Neon signs

Neon signs are made from glass tubes that are filled with neon gas. With electricity connected, the tubes gas glow, creating a bright, colorful sign.


Floor signs

Floor signs placed on the floor of a lobby can provide wayfinding information or could promote your products or services.


Digital signage

Digital signs can display changing information, such as your products or services, the weather, or your company news headlines.


Countertop Signs

Tabletop signs used on tables or counters can provide information about products or services while your visitors wait.


Channel letter

Channel letter signs are made up of individual letters and often illuminated from behind. We make them from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and glass.


Painted Signs and Wall Murals

Murals like large paintings or graphics on the wall of an entrance area. Could create a focal point in your reception area or provide wayfinding information.


Banner signs

Retractable banner signs can provide you with a space-saving solution for temporary wayfinding information.

Organicell Los Angeles acrylic with metal laminate sign
Organicell Los Angeles acrylic with metal laminate sign



What materials are lobby signs made from?


Our signage company fabricates your brand image in materials that suit your company’s style and decor. Business signs can be basic or very eye-catching all depends upon material choices. We even make custom signs with a combination of materials for high-quality signs. Our signage company uses only the highest-quality materials to ensure durable signs that withstand the test of time. Choose from a range of premium materials for high-quality signs that leave a lasting impression.



Metal signs are durable signs and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They are also available in a variety of finishes, so you can choose a look that matches your business’s branding.



Glass signs are transparent and can create a modern and sophisticated look. They are also available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can customize your sign to match your business’s branding.



Acrylic signs are lightweight and cost-effective. They are also available in a variety of colors and finishes, so your sign can look both stylish and functional.



Wood signs add a touch of warmth and elegance to any lobby. They are also reasonably priced, making them a good option if your business is on a budget.



If your business is on a tighter budget, you may find plastic signs to be a good option because they are lightweight, easy to maintain, and relatively affordable.

Lobby signs with a three-dimensional effect
Eye Catching Lobby signs with a three-dimensional effect




What styles of lobby signs are available?


You have many different styles of lobby signs available to you, each with its own unique look and feel. Let’s look at some of the popular styles our signage company supplies. Your business sign style is as unique as your brand image. Choose from a wide range of custom signs, we can tailor to match your lobby’s style and brand image. No matter the size, our durable signs are built to last and make a lasting impression in your lobby.



These signs are typically made from wood, metal, or stone and feature a classic, timeless design. They can be either simple or ornate, depending on the desired effect.



Modern signs are made from materials such as glass, acrylic, or plastic. They feature clean, contemporary lines and can be either minimalist or bold, depending on the desired style.



For rustic signs, we used natural materials such as wood, stone, or metal and feature a weathered, distressed look. They can add a touch of warmth and character to any lobby.


Art Deco:

Geometric shapes, bold colors, and stylized lettering characterize Art Deco signs. These signs can add sophistication and glamour to any reception area.



Eclectic signs feature a mix of styles and materials, creating a unique and eye-catching look. They can be a great way to reflect the personality of a business or organization.


The style of lobby sign you choose will depend on many factors, including the size and layout of your lobby, the style of your business, and your budget.


Innovativ Azusa thick acrylic sign

Inovativ Azusa thick acrylic sign
Entrance signs to compliment your decor



What sizes of lobby signs are available?


A business sign can be any size. But the size of your lobby sign will depend on several factors, including the size of your lobby, the amount of text or graphics on the sign, and the desired viewing distance. Premium Sign Solutions signage company makes signs of any size to suit your space.


Here are some general guidelines for choosing your sign size:


For small lobbies, signs could be about 24 inches wide and 36 inches high.


For medium-sized lobbies, signs could be about 48 inches wide and 72 inches high.


For large lobbies, signs can be as large as 72 inches wide and 108 inches high.


If you have a lot of text or graphics on your sign, you may need to choose a larger size to ensure that it is readable from a distance.


You can also use the following guidelines to work out the minimum size of your sign:

For example, if you want your sign to be readable from a distance of 20 feet, you would need a sign that is at least 10 inches wide and 15 inches high.


Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing your sign size:


The height of your ceiling: If your lobby has a high ceiling, you may need to choose a taller high-quality sign to ensure that it is visible from all areas of the lobby.


The amount of natural light: If your lobby receives a lot of natural light, you may need to choose a darker sign color to ensure that the text is readable.


The overall style of your lobby: The size and style of your sign should complement the overall style of your lobby. Of course, these are just general guidelines. The best way to decide on a high-quality sign size is to consult with us so that we can help you choose the right size for your specific needs.

Conference Room Signage in Modern Design
Conference Room Signage in Modern Design



How much do lobby signs cost?


Your business signage can be matched to your budget. The cost of lobby signs in Southern California can vary depending on the size, materials, and complexity of the sign. But, as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 for a custom reception sign. Invest in our durable signs for long-lasting impact, without compromising on quality. Our high-quality signs are competitively priced to provide exceptional value for your investment.


Here are some factors that can affect the cost of your entrance sign:



Larger signs will naturally cost more than smaller signs.



We make durable signs from high-quality materials, such as metal or glass, which will cost more than signs made from lower-cost materials, such as vynil.



More complex signs, such as those with intricate graphics or lighting, will cost more than simpler signs.



Signs in areas, such as downtown Los Angeles, may cost more than signs in outlying areas. This is due to factors like the cost of labor and permits, and even some materials may cost more downtown.


Reception signage can range in price from a thousand dollars to ten thousands dollars. If you are on a budget, you can get a basic sign made from plastic or wood for around $1000. For a more high-end sign with custom graphics or lighting, you can expect to pay upwards of $5,000. However, the average foyer sign costs between $1000 and $5000. Illuminated entrance signs tend to be more expensive, with most costing between $5,000 and $10,000.


10x Health System Lobby Sign Los Angeles
10x Health System Lobby Sign Los Angeles


Ordering process


How do I order a lobby sign?


Our experienced team at Premium Sign Solutions, the trusted signage company, will guide you through the ordering process. Fill in our contact form with as much detail on what business sign you would like, as you can, and we will get back to you. Depending on the details you can supply, we can give you an estimate. But for more precise costing, we would come out and meet you to discuss your options.


Once you sign off the design and initiate the project, our team will begin fabrication. Installation happens quickly and neatly because most of the work is done during manufacturing. Discuss your specific requirements with our team to create a custom sign that exceeds your expectations.

Contact information


How can you contact us for more information?


Reach out to our signage company for expert advice and top-notch lobby signs. You can easily contact us with this contact us page! Contact us today for eye-catching lobby signs in Southern California.

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Lobby signs are ideal for office decoration and branding:

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