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Outdoor Signs for See’s Candies in Calabasas

Looking for a holiday gift that your coworker, friend or family member will love? How about some sweets? Everyone loves the stuff, and if they don’t then that means there’ll be more for you! Win-win. So stop by See’s Candies in Calabasas for a box of chocolates or two. There you can see the signs we installed for them! We provided See’s Candies with halo- lit channel letters and a custom illuminated blade sign that makes the beloved confectionery store stand out day in and day out.

See’s Candies is a beloved brand that’s been making “American-made delicious since 1921.” Candy, chocolates, and seasonal gifts, See’s has it all and makes them all the right way and with quality without compromise! 

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Slice of Life: Team Meeting

Here we are having a team meeting, touching base and sorting things out early in the workday before we split up and get started with our tasks. It’s part of our workplace routine and is a crucial part of getting organized. Imagine a restaurant, this would be like the chefs meeting and discussing what everyone’s ordered for dinner and planning out how to make everything.


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Best Color Combos for Sign Visibility in Los Angeles

We’ve already talked about the basics of how signs send a message. Do you know that this also applies to the color combinations you use for your signs? Yes, the types of colors you choose will affect your business’ visibility, which is crucial in highly competitive areas like Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley. This applies to everything from your outdoor signs to your indoor signs, and of course the aesthetics of the rest of your establishments. It’ll help to get a better idea of how color combinations can help your business stand out!


Custom Hand-Painted Logo for Urban Exhale in Los Angeles

Starting to get anxious about Thanksgiving? De-stress at Urban Exhale. While you’re there, check out our custom hand-painted store front logo, painted directly onto the building facade!

Premium Sign Solutions provided Urban Exhale in Los Angeles with said storefront logo, the swirls in between simple bold black letters spelling out the establishment’s name, all on the stark white concrete background of the building facade – making for an impressively contrasting sight that is, at the same time, totally no-frills.

Urban Exhale conducts a variety of yoga classes and workshops, including hot yoga, promoting the art’s health benefits to those seeking to partake in the extraordinary experience.

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Workplace Safety With Signs

In our previous Slice of Life blog we talked about the importance of staying hydrated and how it’s part of workplace safety. Here we’ll further expound on the subject, going beyond keeping cool water handy or having the AC running, since we take workplace safety really seriously. Aside from making sure our house is in order, we also do our part to help other establishments in and around Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley maintain safe environments for employees and clients alike. How do we do it? Simple, with signs! (more…)

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Sale Banners for Tory Burch

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed retail displays for four Tory Burch locations, namely in Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, Santa Monica and Glendale. The vinyl graphics were placed onto existing pole pockets in storefront displays. The design was that of a beautifully dressed woman midair over a pool of water, which is a sight that’s both serene and striking, made more so by the word “SALE” in big bold text. Everyone loves a sale! (more…)

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outdoor signs, workplace safety, hydration, bucket truck, pylon sign, lightbox sign

Slice of Life: Stay Hydrated!

We were installing a Farmers Insurance outdoor sign over in the San Fernando Valley. Our man Jorge was on a bucket truck delicately sliding the exterior sign into its slot on a pylon during a sunny day. It was a cloudless day, with a clear blue sky that seemed endless. Perfect weather for the beach… but not quite for working with heavy machinery. It was somewhere around 100 degrees out there, whew. Boy was our guy parched! That’s why we always remember to stay hydrated. It didn’t help that it was a mall sign, which meant a face-full of cool, refreshing AC was nearby teasing him. (more…)

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Helpful Office Signs for Customers and Employees

Do you have paper signs taped to your walls letting customers know that you have complimentary wi-fi or coffee? Do you use post-its to remind your coworkers to keep the office clean? Replace them with more permanent, aesthetically-pleasant signs consistent with your space’s appearance, to show that your establishment is in order. (more…)

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Wall Graphics for Comoncy in Los Angeles

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed wall graphics for Comoncy in Los Angeles. It is composed of premium exterior-grade cut vinyl graphics in white applied to Comoncy’s bright orange wall. The contrast of colors helps make the graphics stand out and catch the attention of potential customers. One of the graphics has the words “All you need is love & high speed internet” and we couldn’t agree more!

Comoncy is a fresh face in the coffee and food scene and emphasizes both sustainability and quality in its products and services. It supplies one of the first third-wave coffee shops in the area and makes use of state-of-the-art brewing equipment and single-origin offerings from select local rosters. For espressos, pastries, salads and sandwiches, choose Comoncy!

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Your Sign Sends a Message

Your potential customers in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley see signs and gauge businesses accordingly even before they step through the front door! Moreover, the consistency of your signs sends a message to customers and onlookers, along with how your signs match your establishment’s aesthetics, and how the appearances of both signs and establishment conform with your brand identity. (more…)