Parking Lot Sign Packages

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Don’t overlook the humble parking lot sign. Building owners and property managers – what’s the first thing tenants, perspective tenants and building visitors see when they first arrive to your property? The parking lot! A nicely landscaped, well lit and easy to understand lot is the hallmark of any building of quality.

So when it comes to your business signs, don’t put the cheapest possible signs out – pleasantly guide traffic through the lot to where they need to park, walk, arrive and exit. Not only are such property signs necessary and useful, they’ll also help your brand make a good impression among customers, visitors and tenants.

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Clinic Window Graphics for Luna Optomtery in Calabasas

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As part of our ongoing sign package, we created these clinic window graphics for Luna Optometry. It displays the clinic’s business hours and offered services. So now the Calabasas medical center has outdoor signage to go with the lobby sign we previously installed. This is great since optometrists are concerned with vision, and now Luna’s brand is more visible to patients thanks to signage.

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Fazio Cleaners in Brentwood Before and After Sign Refurbishment

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Check out these before and after sign refurbishment pics. Fazio Cleaners in Brentwood called us because the dancers logo they had purchased from a different sign vendor was peeling away. Using high-end outdoor rated vinyl, we recreated their dancers and installed fresh looking sign faces. Don’t skimp on sign quality. Always go for sign quality!

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