Photo Op and Selfie Magnet Signs to Boost Brand Visibility

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Audience engagement is a key element in successful signage. After all, who doesn’t want their branding featured in photo ops and selfies posted in social media? Your customers are literally doing your advertising for you! And for lean operations, its part of the guerrilla tactics we previously talked about. So here are the types of signs that can serve as selfie magnets:  Continue reading “Photo Op and Selfie Magnet Signs to Boost Brand Visibility”

Going Guerrilla: Signage for Small Spaces, Startups or Budgets

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If your establishment is short on space, or if you are on a budget, then your business should employ a suitable signage strategy to promote the brand and reach customers. For a lean operation, massive monument signs or blazing pylon signs might not fit – literally! Guerrilla tactics, if you will, might work better for startup signage. So here’s a rundown of sign types that will serve small businesses well: Continue reading “Going Guerrilla: Signage for Small Spaces, Startups or Budgets”

How Outdoor Signs and Indoor Signs Work Together

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So you’ve got a big and shiny monument sign installed. Awesome! But if you’re banking on that single outdoor sign to draw in more customers… then you might want to reevaluate your signage strategy. A single sign can only do so much, so you’ll still need an entire set, including indoor signs. Here we’ll show you why that’s so and explain the synergistic effect of signage:

Continue reading “How Outdoor Signs and Indoor Signs Work Together”

Updating Your Branding? New Signs for a New Year

How was your 2018? Is “doing even better in 2019” among your New Year’s Resolutions? Then consider updating your branding and signage to improve your business’ performance. Give your establishment a fresh look, an updated brand logo, and work these into a marketing campaign to draw in more customers.

Sounds like a plan! And we at Premium Sign Solutions are here to help you realize it and revitalize your brand with our wide range of quality products and services.

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