Monument Sign for Tarzana Community & Cultural Center in Tarzana

Premium Sign Solutions installed and fabricated a 10 by 10 ft. hand painted, metal monument sign for Tarzana Community & Cultural Center located in Tarzana. The monument sign was hand painted by our Premium Sign Solutions sign painter. The middle portion of the sign was specially designed with message tracks so Tarzana Community & Cultural Center could post about their upcoming events with ease. This large business sign was designed to quickly attract the attention of oncoming traffic on Ventura Blvd.

Tarzana Community & Cultural Center is a hidden gem of the San Fernando Valley. TCCC holds many events throughout the year and is loved by everyone with purely positive feedback. TCCC have many admirable characteristics that add to the greatness of the place; they have a lovely koi pond, grassy plains, a hidden garden, plenty of space, a beautiful Spanish type building, and more. The community center is absolutely wonderful!

Lobby Sign For San Fernano Valley Vascular Group In Tarzana


Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a 3D business sign for San Fernando Valley Vascular Group in Tarzana. The doctor’s office sign is made of dimensional letters installed on to glass. and is the first thing patients see when they enter the business.

San Fernando Valley Vascular Group is a three surgeon group, specializing in the diagnosis, surgical and interventional treatment of diseases of the vascular system. This includes treating varicose veins; arterial diseases; dialysis access; carotid peripheral and visceral obstructive disease; and venous and aneurysmal disease, using minimally invasive techniques. In addition to the Tarzana location, the practice has three other locations: Burbank, West Hills and Valencia.

Pylon Sign for Booty Works in Los Angeles


Premium Sign Solutions installed and fabricated a six foot by 12 foot, double-sided Pylon Sign for Booty Works located in Sherman Oaks. The pole sign face was fabricated with an unbreakable Lexan face including block out black vinyl and neon green translucent vinyl we specifically created for Booty Works. Another layer of green vinyl with UV lamination was added to the business sign for extra protection against peeling and fading.

Booty Works is a class-centric unique boutique fitness studio in Sherman Oaks and Studio City. Booty Fitness is an energetic fitness studio dedicated to fun yet intense workouts. Their studio ranges from Vélos an athletic blend of cardiovascular/respiratory workout to Buti Yoga a fun and sensual class with high energy.

Lobby Sign For LL&D in Mission Hills


Premium Sign Solutions installed a lobby sign for Larson, Larson & Dauer (LL&D) in Mission Hills. We made the dimensional business sign from one inch thick metal. The individual letters are each 18 inches tall and blend in very elegantly with the surrounding wall creating an impressive entrance to the business.

Larson, Larson & Dauer is a law corporation located within Mission Hills. LL&D are professional lawyers with superior skills and excellent work habits.

Dimensional Letters for Founders Ale House in West Los Angeles


Premium Sign Solutions installed and fabricated exterior dimensional architectural letters for Founders Ale House in West Los Angeles. The restaurant sign is one and a half inches thick and created to have an old time design. The gold letters were stud mounted to the wall and contrasted excellently with the black background.

Founders Ale House is a sports bar and grill located in West Los Angeles on the historic Pico Boulevard. Founder Hitesh Ambalal will surely exceed the expectations of sports bar and grills everywhere with this offering.

Wooden Business Signs for Malibu Burger Co. in Malibu


Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed two wood, hand-routed and painted restaurant signs for Malibu Burger Co. in Malibu. In order to create the hand carved wooden sign we used birch wood and routed out the background leaving the Malibu Burger logo dimensional. We installed the storefront sign on top of the restaurant entrance and in the parking lot Malibu Burger Co. is given a clean modern look.

Malibu Burger Co. is just off the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu Village and is dedicated to serving a selection of healthier gourmet burgers; while only being minutes away from the beach. It’s owner, Cisco Adler, has always wanted a quality restaurant that felt like home in his hometown, so he opened one up along with his long time friend and celebrated chef Aaron May.

Lobby Sign for Conejo Valley Physical Therapy in Camarillo


Premium Sign Solutions installed a brushed metal lobby sign for Conejo Valley Physical Therapy in Camarillo. The dimensional letter business sign is mounted flush with the wall, giving the signage a 3D display.  The sign letters give a vibrant, clean look contrasting against the greenish lobby wall. Premium Sign Solutions installed a similar sign for CVPT last year and they came back to us for a new sign when they opened a new location.

Conejo Valley Physical Therapy is a physical therapy company based within Thousand Oaks and Camarillo. CVPT provide top-quality physical therapy and Lymphedema therapy services. With many years of industry experience and two certified Lymphedema therapists. At CVPT they specialize in rehabilitation for sports injuries, outpatient orthopedics and Lymphedema.