ISU Global Business Insurance Agency in Woodland Hills

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A professional organization or business should look the part, to show clients just how capable they are without even saying a word. The receptionist sign we made for ISU Global Business Insurance Agency does just that. Premium Sign Solutions just fabricated and installed a dimensional acrylic lobby sign for the Woodlands Hills-based company, and as part of our sign package we also provided a custom banner before the final indoor sign was finished.

ISU Global Business Insurance Agency is a seasoned independent insurance agency and brokerage that focuses on providing complete coverage to small and medium-sized business owners, primarily in California. The agency distinguishes itself with an approach that deliberately studies clients’ businesses to be able to provide positive recommendations to eliminate any gaps in coverage. Its staff of experts has more than 50 years of combined insurance experience, giving them both the confidence and skills needed to best serve their clientele and meet their needs.

Neon Signs for Legendz Sports Bar and Grill in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Business sign, bar sign, restaurant sign, neon sign, classic sign, legendz sports bar and grill, lake havasu city, arizona

Want the retro look, full of neon like something out of the 1980s? Premium Sign Solutions’ Tarzana-branch designed and fabricated signs with that old-fashioned goodness for Legendz Sports Bar and Grill in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  The bar signs are made of halo-lit channel letters with brushed metal faces, neon detail and lettering – giving it that classic look. Since the customer is in Arizona, the outdoor sign was of course delivered out-of-state.

Legendz Sports Bar and Grill serves lunch, dinner and drinks. It is a family-friendly establishment that maintains an old-fashioned classic look. It also shows live sports events.

Pole Sign for Apostolic Faith Church in Silverlake

There’s nothing more satisfying than doing a good day’s work and being thanked for it! Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a lightbox pole sign for Apostolic Faith Church in Silverlake, and fixed the electrical while we were at it. In return, the church showed their appreciation in a really fitting way, adding a thank you to us on their business sign marquee! Continue reading “Pole Sign for Apostolic Faith Church in Silverlake”

Crunch Fitness La Mirada Pre-Sale Banners

Temporary signs, Pre sale banners, custom banner, outdoor sign, gym sign, Crunch Fitness, La Mirada

Your establishment still under construction? Permanent sign still waiting to be installed? You can still show potential customers that you’re COMING SOON with a Pre-Sale Banner, just like the ones we provided for Crunch Fitness in La Mirada. We fabricated and installed the custom banner temporary signs at Crunch’s new branch while the permanent sign and the rest of the establishment’s still getting done.  Continue reading “Crunch Fitness La Mirada Pre-Sale Banners”

Lobby Sign for Faring in West Hollywood

Business sign, lobby sign, indoor sign, steel letters, faring, west hollywood, lobby decor

A firm that handles prime real estate and presents choice properties to customers has got to make sure its own lobby is as impressive. Premium Sign Solutions covered that for Faring. We fabricated and installed their lobby sign, composed of stainless steel letters. Along with the business sign, we also installed 14 extra large photos of projects they’ve done to bring their entire lobby décor together. Customers entering their establishment will certainly see the best Faring has to offer! Continue reading “Lobby Sign for Faring in West Hollywood”

The Trick to Color Matching

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Designing signage isn’t quick and easy, even if it’s just something that can be printed quickly like stickers or vinyl wraps. It’s not just about doing some Photoshop wizardry, printing it out and viola, sticking it on the storefront. Depending on the materials being printed on, ink quality, the printer itself, and a whole bunch of factors, the results might actually look quite different than what’s on the computer. Color matching is especially tricky. That’s where a good eye and some good old-fashioned tools come in.

When it comes out of our HP 360 printer, we’ll have to see how it actually looks like since the actual thing isn’t going to be exactly the same as what you see on a computer screen. We’ll eyeball it and compare it to a Pantone color wheel. We’ll print variations of each color to see which point in the color spectrum reacts with our choice of vinyl and lamination for the job. After all, a quality sign has to look just right! 

Sometimes, if we’re following the colors of a pre-existing sign, we might use an actual physical sample of the original for comparison. We’d really prefer it if clients send us the original high resolution files, but if they’ve lost it then a simple photograph or, heavens forbid, a low-resolution one, just won’t do. Photos won’t do justice since the lighting can change how a sign looks – an indoor sign in a restaurant will look different from a lobby sign that’s brightly lit, whereas an outdoor sign under natural lightning is something else entirely.

Overlooking the details is what leads to project pitfalls that a lot do fall for.

This is why the experience of seasoned sign-makers is invaluable – especially if you’re in a highly competitive area, like Los Angeles of the San Fernando Valley region. In such scenes, you’ll want the best color combinations for sign visibility and that’s what we bring to the table: the keen eyes, attention to detail, the array of tools and techniques we can draw upon, all to meet your needs in the best way possible. There’s no substitute for quality!

Hand-painted Sign for Gagosian Art Gallery in Beverly Hills

Business sign, Gallery Signage, outdoor sign, hand painted sign, Beverly Hills

Premium Sign Solutions made this hand-painted sign for Gagosian Art Gallery in Beverly Hills. Such an establishment requires an equally impressive sign, and that’s what we provided for them!

Gagosian Art Gallery is the brainchild of Larry Gagosian who has built a global network of artistic exhibition spaces that feature the works of legends as well as up and comers in the scene. Gagosian also publishes catalogs and a magazine.

Window Graphics for Ten Tigers in Woodland Hills

Storefront Signage, Window Graphics, Business sign, gym sign, outdoor sign, ten tigers, woodland hills

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed die cut window graphics for Ten Tigers in Woodland Hills. The sign and logo’s text, which is reminiscent of calligraphy brush strokes, is fitting for the establishment that holds martial arts, yoga and fitness classes.

Ten Tigers is headed by Lincoln Centeio who has an extensive background in multiple martial arts, from Tae Kwon Do  to grappling, judo and boxing, and Brazilian jiujitsu. He has a B.A. in Exercise Science and has been nicknamed “the kid whisperer” for being able to work well with children and bring out the best in each one of them.


Monument Sign Inserts for Crunch Fitness Las Cruces, New Mexico

business signs, gym sign, monument sign, shipping, tarzana, las cruces, new mexico, crunch fitness, outdoor sign

Tarzana-based Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed 4 giant monument sign inserts that are about 6 feet by 22 feet wide each. Like the previous channel letters, these were also shipped inter-state. Yes, we can meet your signage needs even from far away!

Crunch Fitness was founded in New York City’s East Village in 1989. Crunch is not just a business, but a diverse community that nurtures wellness, providing people with a welcoming atmosphere that inspires them to reach their health goals.

Channel Letters for Crunch Fitness Las Cruces, New Mexico

crunch fitness, outdoor sign, business signs, gym sign, sign, channel letters, shipping, tarzana, las cruces, new mexico

Premium Sign Solutions can ship! So if you’re looking for a “sign company near me,” no matter where you are, think of us! Tarzana-based Premium Sign Solutions fabricated, shipped, and installed these large channel letters which span 9 feet in height by 35 feed in width. All the way to Crunch Fitness in Las Cruces, New Mexico!

Crunch Fitness was founded in New York City’s East Village in 1989. Crunch is not just a business, but a diverse community that nurtures wellness, providing people with a welcoming atmosphere that inspires them to reach their health goals.