Encino is a pleasant community, a quiet and upscale locale said to “overflow with L.A. charm.” This upper class historic neighborhood is by other similarly well-off communities, like Bel Air, Brentwood, Sherman Oaks, Reseda and Tarzana. And through it runs Ventura Boulevard, a bustling hub of activity and commerce. All this makes Encino prime real estate for businesses great and small, with its high-styling residents making for a perfect customer base. This also means competition can get stiff, as brands vye for Encino’s distinguished clientele. After all, this close to Hollywood, you could very well have a famous actor, artist or celebrity as one of your store’s regulars!

This is why establishments that have reception areas need lobby signs of the highest quality to set them apart from their peers. You want to promote your brand, make it visible and recognizable, so that it will go hand in hand with the products or services you provide. Thanks to that brilliant centerpiece in your lobby, your customers will remember your brand and choose it over the others the next time they go looking. You’ll have earned their loyalty!

A must-have in any office or firm, lobby signs come in a wide variety of styles depending on the brand or industry they’re meant to represent. Accountancy firms will have a different signage aesthetic than tech startups or health clinics. So the main styles include:

Spas, Salons and Clinics
Beautiful people will pay a lot to maintain their great looks. Thus the establishments they frequent must also project pleasant aesthetics. Spas and salons should look warm and welcoming, reinforcing the vibe of community shared by the clientele and the staff. For clinics, the signage should be similarly inviting while having a medical bent owing to the type of procedures they perform.

Operating a tech startup? Doing some digital marketing? Then perhaps a Space Age style is in order. L.A. isn’t quite Silicon Valley but it’s got its own scene. So a lobby sign with chromed letters in sci-fi fonts, maybe a bit of glass and some illumination, perhaps?

The Authentic Look
If you don’t want the corporate juggernaut look then you can go for something more homey, informal and personal. A sign using softer, warmer colors and using wood in its construction, with the metallic bits more subdued instead of ostentatiously shiny. Your office will come off really cozy and even rustic, like a cabin.

The standard for law firms, real estate agencies and property managers. Their signage must convey utmost professionalism befitting the services they offer. Sleek dimensional lettering in elegant fonts, the company’s logo embodied by a metal sign, configured to match the office’s aesthetics – these will truly elevate your brand.

Other Service Areas

Let us help you design your dream signs or refurbish your existing signs located anywhere in these regions:

Raise Your Brand Identity

Make them remember your brand. Show them your company’s identity, what it stands for, what it offers and why it’s a cut above the rest. Leverage your lobby sign. This is an investment that will definitely generate returns. So get the sign your business deserves – make the Premium Choice!

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