Restaurant Channel Letters for El Cubano in Valencia

Restaurant signs are an important part of any culinary establishment’s branding. They help draw in customers looking for delicious meals. Like these restaurant channel letters we made for El Cubano. They project the Valencia brand’s vibe, display the culture of its dishes, and more. So customers know what to expect as they look to sate their appetites!


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Channel Lettering for Amen Clinics in Encino

You can’t get much more stylish than our channel lettering for Amen Clinics in Encino. The custom-fabricated hospital sign with white acrylic faces give the place a classy look. It’s made out of durable materials, so the outdoor sign will stay that good looking despite the weather! After all, business signage should be memorable and project branding that sticks out from the rest. Our  channel lettering does the trick! (more…)

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Sign Package for Crunch Fitness Long Beach

More signage for Crunch Fitness, this time a sign package for their branch in Long Beach. The gym signs include a custom contoured lightbox sign and channel letters. They are for the storefront and parking garage of the establishment. Coupled with the idyllic Long Beach scenery, such as the surrounding palm trees, they make up for quite an attractive locale. It’s the gym to be to get that beach bod!  (more…)

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Rotating Pylon Sign Insert for Crunch Fitness La Mirada

Premium Sign Solutions recently fabricated and installed this handsome rotating pylon sign insert for Crunch Fitness La Mirada. Installing a 12 foot tall by 30 foot-wide business sign that’s 65 feet up in the air paled in comparison to the real danger on the project – bees!  When we began working on the sign a swarm of unhappy bees let us know they weren’t ready to lose their penthouse suite to a new sign face.

With lots of help from Bee Busters, we safely relocated the bees! It was an odyssey that included multiple visits from the bee experts. But nobody said upping the ante for outdoor signs was easy! Talk about occupational hazards, right?

So the gym sign package we provided included the insert for their rotating pylon sign along with custom channel letters over the storefront. Moreover, the former is a lightbox sign too. All in all, the pylon sign’s considerable height and the fact that it rotates ensures maximum visibility!  (more…)

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