Custom Trade Show Booth for Melt Cosmetics in Los Angeles

custom tradeshow booth

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated a custom trade show booth for Melt Cosmetics.  We wrapped six counters with custom-designed graphics, and built a 3-dimensional trade show booth containing a break room. The lips were detachable so people at the trade show could take photos holding them. The distinct, striking appearance of the custom trade show booth, with its detachable and interact-able components, makes it all the more memorable and matches Melt’s slogan: Ultra-Matte. Bold. Radioactive. 

Melt Cosmetics is based in Los Angeles. It specializes in a variety of beauty products, especially ultra-matte lipsticks. With Melt Cosmetics, the founders’ translated their passion for makeup and beauty into something far more, a glamorous pursuit and a way to give back to their supporters, with products that ultimately help people feel confident and comfortable with themselves.