Studio City is a community that’s literally born from the entertainment industry. Not only is it a neighborhood of Los Angeles, it was also named after a studio lot established in the 1920s (now known as the CBS Studio Center). The locale has a lot of history, iconic locations such as the titular studio and the Brady Bunch House, and loads of famous residents with their idyllic homes. It is the hub of the San Fernando Valley and leads to the Westside and Hollywood, which is why it is also called the “Jewel of the Valley.”

Businesses catering this hip and bustling area need to be at the top of their game. And this includes looking their best, signage-wise. So your offices, firms and clinics must have their reception areas adorned with lobby signs of the highest caliber. You can’t settle for anything less than a premium quality centerpiece.

We guarantee first rate craftsmanship and material quality for your sign. But there’s more to it than just the craft. Sign-making is also an art. The process of creating your establishment’s centerpiece display must factor in your brand’s aesthetics, the look and feel your business conveys to its clientele, in other words, the style.  

Here are the main styles for lobby signs for your consideration:

Your Lobby Sign, Your Brand Identity

Remember, that lobby sign will be crucial in winning brand recognition. Your reception room centerpiece will show customers what your business stands for and what they can expect from your products and services, in other words it’s synonymous with your brand’s identity. It’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off in a huge way. So don’t settle for less. Get the lobby sign your business truly deserves. Go for the Premium Choice.

Customized and Creative
Los Angeles is a hub of creativity, the cutting edge of design with Hollywood at its heart. So media and marketing companies, fashion and advertising agencies, innovative startups, they need lobby signage that convey their raw creativity. Their centerpiece has to be eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing and maybe even surprising. For tech startups, a sleek and futuristic look might be called for. It’s a world of imagination and we relish a challenge. There’s nothing more satisfying than making a really unique sign that people will love and remember!

Formal and Corporate
Law firms, property managers and similar agencies must maintain utmost professionalism from their appearance to their services. Such businesses deserve signage reflecting their caliber. Dimensional letters in refined fonts, the company logo embodied by a metal sign, and the like are the staple for this type of lobby sign.

Informal, Warm and Welcoming
Not digging the corporate look? Businesses that want to stay true to their origins as plucky small-and-medium enterprises can go for more authentic-looking lobby signs. This sincerity can be embodied with a display that uses softer colors, with wooden material to give it a more “real” feel. The metallic parts won’t be the ostentatiously gleaming type but more subdued. Your business will be part-startup part-cabin. That’s cozy!

Clean and Sleek for Clinics
Cosmetic, skincare and dental clinics balance multiple messages. They should have a friendly and reassuring air, perhaps a stylish look befitting a place of beautification. At the same time they are still health facilities and must convey their expertise and competence. So a clinic’s lobby sign must balance and reflect these themes to draw in and reassure patients putting a great amount of trust in the clinic’s staff.

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