Pylon Sign Repair for Wish Sotheby in Toluca Lake

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Our friends at Wish Sotheby’s called upon us to fix the electrical in one of their large pylon signs. So we did some good ‘ole pylon sign repair for their branch in Toluca Lake. Just a simple LED changeover. Now the lightbox is as good as new and looks bright and visible, ready to attract customers far and wide, day in and day out. As any good outdoor illuminated sign should!

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Lightbox Repair for Wish Sotheby’s in Toluca Lake

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Sign maintenance is no joke, especially lightbox repair. We patched up Wish Sotheby’s lightbox, doing both repair and timer adjustment. Storefront lightbox signs are really visible, so damage can turn them into total  eyesores. Everyone can see a cracked or flickering lightbox, and that’s not best for business. Wish Sotheby’s, a realty company, certainly didn’t want its Toluca Lake establishment associated with a rundown sign. Continue reading “Lightbox Repair for Wish Sotheby’s in Toluca Lake”

Repair and Refacing of Athletic Society Signage in Canoga Park

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Life ain’t easy for an outdoor sign, being exposed to the elements and all sorts of accidents just waiting to happen. So even the sturdiest sign will need maintenance and, eventually, repairs – and Premium Sign Solutions provides just that! For Athletic Society in Canoga Park, we repaired and refaced their illuminated building and pylon signs, using high quality sign face material so their lightbox pylon sign will continue to stand tall and look great! ​We also added all new LEDs and transformers so that the signs shine brightly.​ Continue reading “Repair and Refacing of Athletic Society Signage in Canoga Park”