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Lightbox Repair for Wish Sotheby’s in Toluca Lake

Sign maintenance is no joke, especially lightbox repair. We patched up Wish Sotheby’s lightbox, doing both repair and timer adjustment.¬†Storefront lightbox signs are really visible, so damage can turn them into total¬† eyesores. Everyone can see a cracked or flickering lightbox, and that’s not best for business. Wish Sotheby’s, a realty company, certainly didn’t want its Toluca Lake establishment associated with a rundown sign.

Lightbox Repair, ASAP

This is why sign maintenance and repair should be done ASAP. Sign makers aren’t just concerned with making the best possible sign in terms of appearance and brand identity projection. They’re also there to make sure the sign stays pristine. Wear and tear are unfortunate eventualities, after all. So a sign company’s services would reflect this.

Our services do, as they cover every stage of a sign’s lifespan. From sign conceptualization to sign maintenance, repair and even replacement, we’ve got ’em in spades. So if you need such services or want to prepare for eventualities, then go ahead and contact us!

About the client

Wish Sotheby’s is an international realty company focused on luxury real estate and homes. They deal in properties located in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and the nearby areas.