Dimensional Lobby Sign for Jungle Boys in Downtown Los Angeles

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This dimensional lobby sign is another great project with our friends at Jungle Boys in Downtown LA. A dimensional acrylic cutout of the brand logo makes up the sign, mounted to a color-changing counter face. Also, it compliments the halo-lit channel letters we previously made for them. A location that specializes in exquisite strains of marijuana wants the visual impact of their signs to match!

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Halo-Lit Lobby Sign for Bloom Ads in Woodland Hills

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From your vision to your wall, we present this sleek halo-lit lobby sign we made for Bloom Ads. When it comes to lobby signage this one takes the cake and will really make the Woodland Hills establishment stand out. Which is fitting for an ad agency, because they know that brand visibility can make a real difference. You can even say that it makes a business bloom. Continue reading “Halo-Lit Lobby Sign for Bloom Ads in Woodland Hills”