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Captivating lobby sign for investment firm

Lobby Sign for The Coury Firm Los Angeles

Elevate Your Brand Presence with Captivating Lobby Signs


Are you an investment firm navigating the competitive market, feeling bearish about standing out? Or are you determined to be distinctly dove-ish and make your mark? In both scenarios, a captivating lobby sign can be the key to success.


Key Takeaway Points

Investment firms and businesses need captivating lobby signs to succeed in a competitive market.

Premium Sign Solutions tailors lobby sign solutions to enhance brand presence and make a lasting impression.

The Coury Firm collaborated with Premium Sign Solutions to create stunning indoor signage that reflects their unique identity.

Lobby signs enhance brand visibility, establish professionalism, and communicate company essence when they are well-crafted.

Lobby signs are a powerful branding tool because they offer customization options, require minimal maintenance, and are installed by experts.



Premium Sign Solutions understands the challenges faced by investment firms like yours and offers tailored lobby sign solutions to help you shine. Let’s explore how our expertise in lobby sign design and installation can elevate your brand presence and create a lasting impression.




Customized indoor signage enhancing brand presence
Customized indoor signage enhancing brand presence

Lobby Sign Collaboration with The Coury Firm


The Coury Firm, a prominent family office managing assets in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, is deeply engaged in diverse investments, philanthropy, and comprehensive management services for their esteemed clients. Recognizing the importance of establishing a strong brand presence, they sought our expertise in custom lobby signs, office lobby signs, reception signs, and corporate lobby signs.


Our collaboration allowed us to create stunning indoor signage that reflects their unique identity and resonates with their commitment to excellence. Additionally, The Coury Firm’s co-investment platform facilitates valuable relationships with other family offices and provides access to exciting investment opportunities.


Designing the Perfect Lobby Sign

Premium Sign Solutions collaborated with The Coury Firm to design an impressive lobby sign. The process was intricate and involved meticulous attention to detail. We understood the significance of reflecting The Coury Firm’s logo elements and the compelling story behind their purpose. To achieve this, we carefully considered various factors such as materials, size, and design.


The lobby sign boasted an overall size of 34.3 inches high by 72 inches wide, utilizing print and cut vinyl. The letter heights were strategically determined, with “THE COURY FIRM” standing at 4.5 inches tall and “ESTABLISHED 1984” at 2 inches tall. The logo itself measured 21.8 inches high by 22.3 inches wide. This wall-mounted indoor signage ensured a visually captivating and durable presence, reflecting the professionalism and brand identity of The Coury Firm.




Professional reception sign building credibility and trust
Professional reception sign building credibility and trust

The Benefits of Lobby Signs


Investment firms and businesses alike rely on lobby signs to play a vital role. A well-crafted reception sign, such as 3D lobby signs or acrylic lobby signs, enhances brand visibility, establishes a professional image, and communicates the essence of a company.


With expert signage design and installation, Premium Sign Solutions ensures that your lobby signage becomes a powerful branding tool. It attracts clients, leaves a lasting impression, and builds credibility. Elevate your interior design with impactful lobby signage and make a statement that resonates with your target audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the installation procedures for lobby signs?

Premium Sign Solutions carefully considers the location, surface, and design specifications to ensure a seamless installation process. Our expert team handles everything from site surveys to precise mounting techniques.


What maintenance is required for lobby signs?

Lobby signs need minimal maintenance. We regularly clean them with non-abrasive materials to keep them looking pristine. We also offer maintenance services to address any potential issues and ensure long-lasting durability.


Can lobby signs be customized?

Our signage design experts closely collaborate with clients to create bespoke lobby signs. We tailor the design of the signs to reflect your brand identity and unique vision, from materials and colors to size and typography.


Captivating lobby sign for investment firm
Captivating lobby sign for investment firm

Final Thoughts on Lobby Sign

Premium Sign Solutions collaborates with clients to provide effective lobby sign solutions. Our well-designed lobby signs, such as custom lobby signs, office lobby signs, and reception signs, play a key role in enhancing brand identity and establishing a professional image.


Investment firms and businesses can truly stand out in the competitive market by leveraging the power of indoor signage. We encourage you to explore the possibilities of lobby logo signs and business lobby signs to leave a lasting impression and make a statement of excellence.


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