Our Favorite Customers: Maryvale in Rosemead

Maryvale is open and continues to offer essential childcare services. They are one of our favorite customers and we are proud to have made signs for them.

Maryvale is open for business and continue to offer programs to the community and those in need to instill hope during these difficult times. They are one of our favorite customers and we are proud to have made several signs for them. We created signage throughout the campus, including a monument sign, building identification signs and wayfinding signs throughout their beautiful grounds. Continue reading “Our Favorite Customers: Maryvale in Rosemead”

Maryvale in Rosemead, Part Deux

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When your sign is being vandalized, you come up with a solution! Someone was removing letters from the bottom of the Maryvale monument sign, so Tarzana based Premium Sign Solutions made two custom laser contour cut plaques that were then stud-mounted to the customer’s stucco monument. The digital prints were applied with gloss UV lamination for added protection. The solid pieces with fixed letters make them more tamper-proof. Sometimes, the regular ways to maintain outdoor signs just won’t cut it, and that’s when drastic measures like repairs and tamper-proof lettering are called for!

Maryvale was founded in 1856 and it has cared for those in need for 161 years. It provides residential care for young girls, mental health services for individuals and families, and emergency placement care for young children. Maryvale is dedicated to using its resources and deep well of experience to provide the highest quality programs while responding to the community’s needs.