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Metal Sign for Maryvale in Rosemead

Sleek, durable and eye-catching, that’s our metal sign for Maryvale in Rosemead. The custom outdoor sign really stands out against the red brick background. With its simplicity, Maryvale’s logo is highlighted all the more at the center of the metal sign. Another job well done by your friendly neighborhood sign company.

Benefits of a metal sign

They’re not only durable, they’re also easy to clean. And a high quality metal sign that’s polished and shiny will really look impressive. It projects the high standards of an establishment too, as any sign maker will know. So if you need to show off with an eye-catching business sign, you can’t go wrong by going metal. Go ahead and contact us, so we can figure out the signage that will best suit you.

About the client

Maryvale was founded in 1856 and it has cared for those in need for 161 years. It provides residential care for young girls, mental health services for individuals and families, and emergency placement care for young children. Maryvale is dedicated to using its resources and deep well of experience to provide the highest quality programs while responding to the community’s needs.