Sign Repair for Charleston Apartments in Los Angeles

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When wear and tear takes its toll on your establishment’s signage then it’s time for some sign repair! That’s just what we did for Charleston Apartments in Los Angeles. It’s important for any business to have damaged signs repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, if a damaged sign stays that way for too long, it’ll negatively impact your branding. After all, if a business can’t keep its sign in order or doesn’t care to, then what does that mean for its other services? If an apartment sign isn’t up to scratch, potential tenants might think the rooms are the same way too! Continue reading “Sign Repair for Charleston Apartments in Los Angeles”

Premium Sign Solutions BBQ

Time for Friday fun with the PSS crew! What kind of fun? The food kind, that’s what! Oh yeah, it’s time for one of our renowned office barbecues, because being a busy team works up quite an appetite. Plus we have to make use of our good ol’ Company Grill sometimes. A sign company’s got to make good and full use of its equipment, after all.

Continue reading “Premium Sign Solutions BBQ”