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Premium Sign Solutions BBQ

Time for Friday fun with the PSS crew! What kind of fun? The food kind, that’s what! Oh yeah, it’s time for one of our renowned office barbecues, because being a busy team works up quite an appetite. Plus we have to make use of our good ol’ Company Grill sometimes. A sign company’s got to make good and full use of its equipment, after all.

So there we are in the garage/workshop, but instead of sign-making we’ve got slabs of meat sizzling. The smell of cooking beef wafts through the air. We put slices of cheese on the meat and they just melt… perfect for cheese burgers. And on a nearby table, the franks are waiting for their turn. We also have veggie burgers because we’re inclusive of our vegetarian employees (and that means there’s more meat left for the rest!). Needless to say, watching the frying food was a mouthwatering experience for our hungry, hungry employees. You can guess what happened when the food was ready.

In the end, we concluded the week with full stomachs and more than a few ketchup and mustard-stained shirts. Another happy sign company adventure! We like to work hard, play hard and eat hearty. Maybe we should fabricate and install a restaurant sign for ourselves?