Workplace Safety With Signs

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In our previous Slice of Life blog we talked about the importance of staying hydrated and how it’s part of workplace safety. Here we’ll further expound on the subject, going beyond keeping cool water handy or having the AC running, since we take workplace safety really seriously. Aside from making sure our house is in order, we also do our part to help other establishments in and around Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley maintain safe environments for employees and clients alike. How do we do it? Simple, with signs! Continue reading “Workplace Safety With Signs”

Slice of Life: Stay Hydrated!

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We were installing a Farmers Insurance outdoor sign over in the San Fernando Valley. Our man Jorge was on a bucket truck delicately sliding the exterior sign into its slot on a pylon during a sunny day. It was a cloudless day, with a clear blue sky that seemed endless. Perfect weather for the beach… but not quite for working with heavy machinery. It was somewhere around 100 degrees out there, whew. Boy was our guy parched! That’s why we always remember to stay hydrated. It didn’t help that it was a mall sign, which meant a face-full of cool, refreshing AC was nearby teasing him. Continue reading “Slice of Life: Stay Hydrated!”