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Workplace Safety With Signs

In our previous Slice of Life blog we talked about the importance of staying hydrated and how it’s part of workplace safety. Here we’ll further expound on the subject, going beyond keeping cool water handy or having the AC running, since we take workplace safety really seriously. Aside from making sure our house is in order, we also do our part to help other establishments in and around Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley maintain safe environments for employees and clients alike. How do we do it? Simple, with signs!

Simple but Helpful Reminders

The office signs and workplace signs we provide can play a role in mitigating hazards and reducing the risk of accidents. They can ensure employees are doing things correctly and give visitors or passersby a head’s up especially when no one’s watching or supervising. These signs can display warnings, caution people of hazards or remind them to wear their safety gear or where the fire exits are – basic yet required stuff like that.

They can also convey more complicated safety procedures (such as those for heavy machinery) and ways to keep the workflow smooth and thus avoid hiccups that can then lead to complications. The need for safety signs might not be that apparent in a department store, but in factories or in medical facilities, safety signs can actually be mandatory – and for good reason.

And, of course, signs aren’t just useful for the aforementioned serious roles, even simple things like stickers saying “free wifi” or courtesy signs asking people to “please clean as you go” count as helpful office signs for customers and employees. Small touches that can make the workplace or office a more pleasant place are worth it!


In the end, safety in the workplace should be a priority, rather than an afterthought. Reminders are useful because even the most cautious of people can forget things in the heat of the moment. Signs will help everyone keep safety on the top of their minds, the expense in posting them is tiny and they’ll more than make up for it in the potential accidents they’ll prevent!

And if you ever need a fast sign to pass an inspection, you know who to call. 😉