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On the Importance of Goofing Off

We at Premium Sign Solutions pride ourselves not only in our hard work, but also in our creativity. But how do you cultivate creativity? It’s not just about logging in “creativity” hours – that’s just asking for burnout. Creativity isn’t just about repetition. Yes, it’s part of the package since the brain needs exercise to get used to thinking creatively… but even an athlete trying to reach peak performance needs downtime away from the gym for his or her muscles to rebuild. For building creativity, that means taking some time away to goof off! (more…)

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Vinyl Wall Graphics for Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP in Universal City

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed digitally-printed and cut vinyl wall graphics for Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP in Universal City. This was done at their San Fernando Valley location, and the signs were based on the customer’s provided art. Gloss UV lamination was applied on the print for added protection. All in all, the lobby sign conveys an understated elegance!

Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP provides criminal defense or personal injury attorneys for those in need of help.

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Handmade is Still Best Made in San Fernando Valley

You know those address letters you see on large buildings? Some of those are handmade! In this age of automated, instantly-made everything, there are still some things that are carefully and meticulously made by hand, with attention to detail and priority on quality instead of mass-production. Storefront signs, company logos in lobbies, even those illuminated pylon signs high up on posts, they’re still made by hand in the U S of A.  (more…)

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Ways to Maintain Outdoor Signs in the San Fernando Valley

So you’ve gotten a perfect outdoor sign that’ll catch the eye of each passersby, turning them from potential into actual customer the second they walk through the door and are wowed by the goods you’re offering. Awesome, you’ve understood that your sign sends a message and even used the best color combinations, and now you stand above the rest of your competition in  San Fernando Valley or even crowded Los Angeles! So there’s nothing to worry about anymore, right? Well… actually, now that you’ve gotten your perfect sign, you have to keep it looking that way with proper maintenance!


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Sign Package for The Real Meat Co. in Los Angeles

Premium Sign Solutions provided a sign package for The Real Meat Company in Los Angeles. We met all their signage needs, our package covering three items as well as their installation. It includes a large exterior sign, front door sign and lobby sign with a custom curved header. They are custom routed signs, their lettering made of premium cut vinyl, and the digital print has lamination for added protection from the elements. The signs are also designed to look like wood, to suit The Real Meat Company’s chosen aesthetic style.

The Real Meat Company is a pet food provider and brands itself as the home of the original 95% meat all-natural jerky treats, with the best real meat foods for discerning dogs and cats.

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Lobby Sign for Dacorsi Placencio in Los Angeles

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated a reception sign for Dacorsi Placencio in Woodland Hills. The law office sign is made of one-inch thick brass alloy.  The custom logo is the company’s elegant cursive brand with a satin finish face for maximum aesthetic effect.

Dacorsi Placencio is a law firm that covers a wide array of specialties, from Family Law to Injuries and Accidents, to Defense and Estate Planning. It has been successfully partnering with clients since 1970.


Lobby sign, Acrylic Sign, Vinyl sign, motivational sign, window graphics,business sign, custom sign, employee sign, instructional sign
Lobby sign, Acrylic Sign, Vinyl sign, motivational sign, window graphics,business sign, custom sign, employee sign, instructional sign

Sign Package for Brightstar Care in Menifee

Premium Sign Solutions provided a Sign Package for Brightstar Care in Menifee. The package is comprehensive, including five signs to meet all of Brightstar’s signage needs.

The first is a Lobby Sign that is composed of an acrylic panel displaying a digital print with customer-provided art, print laminated for added protection.

The second is a Core Values Sign of similar composition to the lobby sign, displaying the company’s ethos to guide and motivate Brightstar’s employees.

Third is an acrylic Employee of the Month Sign, meant to boost employee morale and honor their outstanding performance.

Fourth is a Cut Vinyl Door Graphic using premium outdoor vinyl for maximum durability. It shows the company’s logo, contact details and their operating hours.

And last is a Cut Vinyl Window Graphic similar to the door graphic.

Also included in the package are several UV laminated stickers.

Brightstar Care provides the services of professional care teams to families who need home-based care. Each care team is led by a Registered Nurse and delivers expert, compassionate services and support to patients and their families 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Lobby Sign for California Pensions in the San Fernando Valley

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a lobby sign for California Pensions in Agoura Hills. This indoor business sign is composed of dimensional letters and a custom logo digitally printed on acrylic. It occupies an entire wall and presents an impressive sight for newcomers, clients and employees alike.

California Pension Administrators & Consultants is an independent firm of professionals who specialize in retirement plans. It was founded in 1968 and is one of the oldest independent retirement plan administrators and recordkeepers in the nation, priding itself on providing clients with innovative and employer-specific solutions for their needs.

lobby sign, business sign, reception area sign, 3d sign, metal sign
lobby sign, business sign, reception area sign, 3d sign, metal sign

Lobby Sign for Cirrus Asset Management Inc. in Woodland Hills

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a lobby sign for Cirrus Asset Management Inc. in Woodland Hills. The reception area sign is comprised of flat cut anodized aluminum dimensional letters. They are sleekly designed and set on the face of the wooden reception desk, giving a no frills, modern yet homey air to the establishment.

Experts of property and asset management, Cirrus Asset Management Inc. understands that the industry is detail-oriented and time-consuming, and thus developing loyal customers is their way of life. To do all this, they combine quality service provided by a team of industry veterans and an everyday commitment to subtler yet essential things like trust, respect and teamwork. Hence Cirrus cultivates its relationship with its clients.

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Lobby Sign for BASK Digital Media in San Diego

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a lobby sign for BASK Digital Media in San Diego. The reception sign is composed of half inch-thick laser cut dimensional lettering in elegant fonts, laid over a quarter inch-thick clear acrylic panel. With “BASK” spelled out in bright red lettering, the company logo sign is made to leave an impression on staff and clients alike.

BASK Digital Media offers several products that not only stand on their own, but are designed to operate in synergy to provide clients with the best in technology, communications and digital strategy, giving them a complete and integrated digital platform for their multimedia marketing campaigns.