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A close-up front view showcasing the sleek design of the SAG AFTRA lobby sign.

Sag Aftra Lobby Sign Los Angeles

SAG-AFTRA Welcomes Members with a New Statement Lobby Sign

In the heart of Los Angeles, a beacon of the entertainment industry has received an entrance signage upgrade that perfectly aligns with its values.  The SAG-AFTRA Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting performing artists, recently partnered with Premium Sign Solutions to create a stunning new lobby sign that welcomes members and embodies the organization’s commitment to excellence.

The Client: SAG-AFTRA Foundation

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation provides vital assistance to actors and other media professionals, offering educational programs, emergency financial aid, healthcare resources, and more. Their commitment to supporting their members is reflected not only in their programs but also in their attention to detail, including the creation of a welcoming and inspiring environment at their Los Angeles headquarters.  Initially considering a range of options, metal signs, perspex signs, and acrylic signs, SAG-AFTRA ultimately opted for an office sign, a custom brushed metal reception sign that reflects the organization’s prestige and values.

A Lobby Sign of Strength and Solidarity

The new entrance sign, measuring 25.8 inches high by 30 inches wide, is a testament to SAG-AFTRA’s strong identity and unwavering support for its members. Crafted from 1-inch thick brushed metal laminate with painted metallic sides, the sign exudes a sense of elegance and timelessness. The brushed metal face and painted metallic edges create a subtle contrast, adding depth and visual interest to the design.

The bold, clean lines of the letters (3.9 inches tall and 1 inch deep) spelling out “SAG-AFTRA” further reinforce the organization’s strength and unity.  This is not just a sign; it’s a symbol of the collective voice and unwavering spirit that SAG-AFTRA represents.

Beyond Aesthetics: A Welcoming Environment

The new lobby sign serves as more than just a visual centerpiece.  It warmly welcomes members to their headquarters and creates a sense of pride and belonging.  The sign’s sleek design, coupled with its prominent placement, ensures that it is the first thing visitors see upon entering, setting a positive tone for their experience.

Expanding the Brand: Wayfinding and Beyond

While the reception sign is undoubtedly a focal point, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation could further enhance its branding and visitor experience ce by exploring additional signage options.  Clear, well-designed wayfinding signs using consistent materials like metal or acrylic signs would guide visitors seamlessly through the building. Incorporating office signs with the SAG-AFTRA logo would also reinforce their brand identity throughout their workspace.

Elevate Your Organization with Lobby Sign

Just as SAG-AFTRA invested in an entrance sign that reflects its values and mission, your organization can also benefit from custom signage that enhances your brand image and creates a welcoming environment.  Premium Sign Solutions is here to help you design and install signage that leaves a lasting impression.

FAQ: Your Lobby Sign Questions Answered

What types of signs are suitable for a lobby or reception area?

The best sign for your lobby or reception area depends on your brand identity and the space itself. Popular choices include dimensional letters, illuminated signs (like those with LED backlighting), acrylic panels, or even a combination of these elements.

Can an entrance sign incorporate my company logo?

Absolutely!  Incorporating your logo into your entrance sign is a powerful way to reinforce your brand identity.  We can help you with a sign design that prominently features your logo, either as a standalone element or integrated into the overall design.

What materials are commonly used for lobby and reception signs?

Lobby and reception signs can be crafted from a variety of materials, including acrylic, metal (like brushed aluminum or stainless steel), glass, and even stone.  The choice depends on your desired aesthetic, budget, and the specific environment of your foyer or reception area.

Do I need a permit for a foyer sign?

Generally, interior signs do not require permits. However, if your sign is illuminated or extends beyond certain dimensions, it’s best to check with your local regulations. We can help you navigate any permitting requirements.

What is the typical lifespan of an office sign?

With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality office sign can last for many years. Materials like acrylic and metal are particularly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

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