Building Banner for North Oak Property Management in Woodland Hills

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A building banner is great for visibility, which is why we make them with style! We provided such a stylish, custom-designed oversized banner for North Oak Property Management. The building sign says “live like royalty at the Royal Terrace Apartments.” So we designed it to resemble an old-timey scroll to match the theme. Continue reading “Building Banner for North Oak Property Management in Woodland Hills”

Vinyl Window Sign for Blue Bottle Coffee in South Beverly

A custom vinyl window sign is part and parcel of any cafe these days. It shows the establishment’s branding without blocking the view, so potential customers can see the cafe’s chill interior. Our custom vinyl window sign for Blue Bottle Coffee in South Beverly recreates the brand’s logo. It’s simple, yet because of that it’s got an elegance and is easy to remember. The marks of a good sign, which any sign-maker should maximize when making quality signage! Continue reading “Vinyl Window Sign for Blue Bottle Coffee in South Beverly”

Sign Repair for Charleston Apartments in Los Angeles

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When wear and tear takes its toll on your establishment’s signage then it’s time for some sign repair! That’s just what we did for Charleston Apartments in Los Angeles. It’s important for any business to have damaged signs repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, if a damaged sign stays that way for too long, it’ll negatively impact your branding. After all, if a business can’t keep its sign in order or doesn’t care to, then what does that mean for its other services? If an apartment sign isn’t up to scratch, potential tenants might think the rooms are the same way too! Continue reading “Sign Repair for Charleston Apartments in Los Angeles”

Give Your Ride a Unique Look with Car Wraps

If you want to give your car a distinct look, then you can’t go wrong with car wraps!

Car wraps are a great way to decorate your ride with custom graphics to give it that unique look. Whether it’s making your personal car look fast and furious or turning a service vehicle into a moving sign to advertise your business, vehicle wraps are the way to go. We give them our Premium Sign Solutions recommendation!  Continue reading “Give Your Ride a Unique Look with Car Wraps”

Storefront Sign for Aerial Method in Canoga Park

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A storefront sign with both visibility and durability, that’s what we provided Aerial Method in Canoga Park! The outdoor sign we fabricated and installed is made out of Max Metal, which will definitely stand the test of time. The full color digital print also makes the company’s branding stand out from the rest.

This metal sign replaces the custom banner we provided as a placeholder as part of our sign package. That’s what we call the complete package!

Continue reading “Storefront Sign for Aerial Method in Canoga Park”

Vinyl window gym sign for WO·LA

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An establishment where groups train hard to stay fit and look great needs a good-looking gym sign too! That’s what we fabricated and installed for WO·LA. The custom cut vinyl window graphics are sleek and simple, matching the group fitness establishment’s aesthetics. Business signs have to be consistent with the business’ style, after all. Yet with that simplicity comes visibility!

Sign-making is all about striking that balance between simplicity and detail, with visibility as the ultimate goal. Does your establishment need a finely-crafted business sign? Well, you already know which signage company to call.

About the client

  WO·LA re-imagines group fitness for youths and adults. The founders made WO·LA so people young and old alike could experience safe, fun and motivating group fitness classes. Age won’t matter when everyone’s in that workout journey together, By becoming one with body and mind, and each other, more possibilities in their lives are opened!


The Importance of Color for Business Signs

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The importance of color in this industry cannot be understated, as it can make or break business signs. This is why the expert sign-makers at Premium Sign Solutions strive for the best color combos for sign visibility. An establishment in the highly competitive Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas needs every edge it can get, after all.

Color matters for any kind of sign, from like an indoor lobby sign, to outdoor ones like a light box shining bright at night, and even custom banners for parties. Continue reading “The Importance of Color for Business Signs”

Rotating Pylon Sign Insert for Crunch Fitness La Mirada

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Premium Sign Solutions recently fabricated and installed this handsome rotating pylon sign insert for Crunch Fitness La Mirada. Installing a 12 foot tall by 30 foot-wide business sign that’s 65 feet up in the air paled in comparison to the real danger on the project – bees!  When we began working on the sign a swarm of unhappy bees let us know they weren’t ready to lose their penthouse suite to a new sign face.

With lots of help from Bee Busters, we safely relocated the bees! It was an odyssey that included multiple visits from the bee experts. But nobody said upping the ante for outdoor signs was easy! Talk about occupational hazards, right?

So the gym sign package we provided included the insert for their rotating pylon sign along with custom channel letters over the storefront. Moreover, the former is a lightbox sign too. All in all, the pylon sign’s considerable height and the fact that it rotates ensures maximum visibility!  Continue reading “Rotating Pylon Sign Insert for Crunch Fitness La Mirada”