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Window Decals for Cheryl Saban in Beverly Hills

Window decals are a great way to spruce up a storefront! Such as these, which we fabricated and installed for Cheryl Saban Designs. They look like the Beverly Hills establishment’s spectacular glass products. Made out of UV-laminated vinyl,  they’ll last quite some time without fading from sun-exposure.

The great thing about window decals is that they can be swapped around easily. Mixing and matching them can create optimum color combinations for specific occasions or seasons. All together, they complement the high end signage we provided the Beverly Hills establishment.

Consider window decals!

Need to creatively modify your establishment’s look without having a sign company renovate the place? Then go for custom window decals! A proper sign maker will make sure they’re as tailored to your branding as a full business sign. So contact us and we can determine how to spruce your place up.

About the client

Cheryl Saban Designs specializes in hand-blown glass products and gemstones. From alluring jewelry to aesthetically exquisite vases and glasses, all made by hand to give them that special touch.