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The Importance of Color for Business Signs

The importance of color in this industry cannot be understated, as it can make or break business signs. This is why the expert sign-makers at Premium Sign Solutions strive for the best color combos for sign visibility. An establishment in the highly competitive Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas needs every edge it can get, after all.

Color matters for any kind of sign, from like an indoor lobby sign, to outdoor ones like a light box shining bright at night, and even custom banners for parties.

All in the details

So, how does a sign company ensure high quality color? With a sharp eye for detail, that’s how. It’s vital for a sign company’s production team as it matters throughout the process. Everything from exact pantone matching, to ensuring the highest quality product possible depends on it. This is also why our team is always on the watch for any signs our printing equipment needs attention. It would spell disaster if we drop the ball with our equipment and we certainly don’t want that!

In the featured images we can see the difference in quality before and after replacing the printer head. Without proper maintenance, the results are clearly way below sub-par and we won’t stand for that. Our clients deserve only the highest quality of prints possible!

Precision Prints for Premium Business Signs

We make sure that every step of the sign-making process is implemented properly, on both the human end and with our equipment as well. From conceptualizing the sign, to sourcing the raw materials and fabrication, to installation. This is the only way to guarantee a sign that will stand out and stand the test of time.

So if you need business signs that stick out from the rest, well, you know which signage company to call.