Custom Banner for Fazio Cleaners in Beverly Hills

Imagine roaming the streets like the protagonist of a post-apocalyptic film, looking for a place that can wash the clothes you’ve been reusing for too long. Then, there it is, Fazio Cleaners’ “STILL OPEN” custom banner, resplendent like the sunrise. Won’t the sight of it be a major relief? Won’t you hightail it there, hauling your used clothes, like Imperator Furiosa and Max in the War Rig? WITNESS!

Alerting customers you’re still open for business is vital during normal times but especially important during a pandemic. That’s what Fazio Cleaners’ custom banner is for. With this, the Beverly Hills dry cleaners can inform their customers and continue their operations.


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The Best Worst Business Signs

We signmakers have a keen eye for what makes signs great. There are plenty of design techniques we employ to make sure business signs serves it’s main purpose – to catch eyes and promote brands. But that also means we see our fair share of hilarious signs with unintended messaging. Here are a few of our favorites:


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Fazio Cleaners in Brentwood Before and After Sign Refurbishment

Check out these before and after sign refurbishment pics. Fazio Cleaners in Brentwood called us because the dancers logo they had purchased from a different sign vendor was peeling away. Using high-end outdoor rated vinyl, we recreated their dancers and installed fresh looking sign faces. Don’t skimp on sign quality. Always go for sign quality!


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