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Fazio Cleaners in Brentwood Before and After Sign Refurbishment

Check out these before and after sign refurbishment pics. Fazio Cleaners in Brentwood called us because the dancers logo they had purchased from a different sign vendor was peeling away. Using high-end outdoor rated vinyl, we recreated their dancers and installed fresh looking sign faces. Don’t skimp on sign quality. Always go for sign quality!

Repair or Upgrade Your Branding with Our Sign Refurbishment Services

Did your previous sign vendor drop the ball in terms of sign quality? Or has your sign served faithfully through all these years but is starting to succumb to wear and tear? Whichever the case, you can always turn to your friendly neighborhood sign professionals. We offer sign repair, maintenance and upgrade services that will revitalize your branding. This is what your business deserves. Signage that will boost your company’s profile and put eyes on your establishment. While likewise lasting longer.

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About the Client

Fazio Cleaners began in 1947 and has been providing quality laundry and dry cleaning services. At the same time they are committed to their company’s values of hard work, ethical decision making, moral behavior and respect for the individuals they interact with.