Logo Picture Props for Crunch Fitness Los Angeles

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Premium Sign Solutions fabricated a different kind of gym sign than usual for Crunch Fitness Los Angeles – foam cutouts, creating photography props! These are great for getting brand exposure, making it memorable and interactive so clients and passersby will take selfies with ’em and post on social media. That’s FREE advertisement! Look, Kevin and Stephanie are already having fun with printed vinyl props while activating the Crunch Fitness brand!

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Our Photobooth for the Taste of Encino Festival in Los Angeles

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Premium Sign Solutions was present and accounted for at the Taste of Encino Festival in Los Angeles, demonstrating how interactive signs make great event booths! We had a photobooth composed of half-inch thick posterboard with a full color digital print, displaying a cheeky reference to our favorite hit science-fiction and suspense series!

The Taste of Encino Festival occurs every October and is filled with business booths, vendors, family-friendly activities for everyone, as well as a whole lot of food, beer, wine and live entertainment!