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Make It Memorable, Make It Interactive!

Want your sign to have an impact? Make it prime selfie material! Give your customers a memorable experience by providing cut outs they can interact with, creating on the spot photo opportunities. Everyone has a fun time and your establishment gets some free publicity.

In the above images, we made cutout photo props, one with astronaut and moon landing scenery, and another based on a beloved animated children’s film that’s certainly a hit with the kids. Aside from cutouts, you can have photobooths like ours for the Taste of Encino Festival in Los Angeles. Or props that customers can hold up when they have their pictures taken, just like the Melt Cosmetics trade show booth we designed. It doesn’t have to be something built solely for photo op purposes, you can have a sign that’s just at the right height for people to be in pictures with, featuring mascots that make great selfie companions (these are great for restaurant signs). Everyone also loves taking pictures in front of cheerful holiday backgrounds.

Got an idea for a fun or silly sign, photo booth, cutout or interactive display that people will love taking selfies with? We can help you with that!