Sculpture Art Plaques for Temple Judea in Tarzana

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Signs also complement artwork, such as those decorating places of worship. For Temple Judea in Tarzana, we made and installed art plaques for an amazing sculpture. The artwork is titled “Family” and commemorates Margie Ipp, a valued member of the community. The signs provide added information about her, as well as the artist and the donors.  Continue reading “Sculpture Art Plaques for Temple Judea in Tarzana”

Dune Buggy Picture on Acrylic Panel for a Birthday Gift

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We do birthday gifts too, like this dune buggy picture on an acrylic panel! It’s not one of our usual sign packages, more like one of those signs we create for clients’ private projects. Still, we treated it like any other project, giving it our tender, loving care. It’s quite similar to the office decor that we do, and the signage we make to decorate showrooms and lobbies. So we touched up a dune buggy photograph and printed it to a second surface, mounted on an acrylic panel. It comes with standoffs so it can be fixed on a wall, like the centerpiece it is. We did our very best to make this the best birthday gift ever.  Continue reading “Dune Buggy Picture on Acrylic Panel for a Birthday Gift”