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The Sign Making Process: Designing, Revising and Proofing

The sign making process has to be meticulous to ensure quality products. Here’s Jon, our designer, hard at work taking down notes and looking over a set of logos. He’s making sure they’ll hold up and have a great impact once produced for our client. That’s how we roll!

Designing and Revising

Sign makers stand by their creations, after all. And a sign company’s services have to deliver in order to satisfy customers.¬† This overall process involves many sub-processes, beginning with designing the signage to match customer specifications. Then we revise it according to their input since signage¬†has to be customized – it can’t be generic. How else can it capture the important little details necessary to project brand identity?


Finally, our methodical proofing process comes into play. It is a vital step in bridging the customer’s concepts into a fantastic looking physical sign. Business branding and corporate logos might look great on paper (or in the screen), but bringing it to life physically is a whole ‘nother matter. The sign making process has to consider the materials involved in fabricating the signage, as well as the installation process. Even a sign’s location has to be specified and accounted for. Indoor signs, like lobby signs, have different needs than outdoor signs that are exposed to the weather. There’s a lot to account for, and that’s where a sign maker’s experience and knowhow come into play!

Sign Services

Figuring this all out is part and parcel of a sign company’s services, such as the ones we provide in the Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Tarzana areas. We’re the experts, so we’ve got this. While our clients are spared from the complexities of the sign making process, we still ask for their input. That’s how we determine how to best suit their needs.

Need signage for your establishment? Whether it’s a personal project or a sign package for a business, our services can cover it. So contact us and let us help you get the premium sign solution you deserve!