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Handmade is Still Best Made in San Fernando Valley

You know those address letters you see on large buildings? Some of those are handmade! In this age of automated, instantly-made everything, there are still some things that are carefully and meticulously made by hand, with attention to detail and priority on quality instead of mass-production. Storefront signs, company logos in lobbies, even those illuminated pylon signs high up on posts, they’re still made by hand in the U S of A.  (more…)

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Ways to Maintain Outdoor Signs in the San Fernando Valley

So you’ve gotten a perfect outdoor sign that’ll catch the eye of each passersby, turning them from potential into actual customer the second they walk through the door and are wowed by the goods you’re offering. Awesome, you’ve understood that your sign sends a message and even used the best color combinations, and now you stand above the rest of your competition in  San Fernando Valley or even crowded Los Angeles! So there’s nothing to worry about anymore, right? Well… actually, now that you’ve gotten your perfect sign, you have to keep it looking that way with proper maintenance!


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Best Color Combos for Sign Visibility in Los Angeles

We’ve already talked about the basics of how signs send a message. Do you know that this also applies to the color combinations you use for your signs? Yes, the types of colors you choose will affect your business’ visibility, which is crucial in highly competitive areas like Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley. This applies to everything from your outdoor signs to your indoor signs, and of course the aesthetics of the rest of your establishments. It’ll help to get a better idea of how color combinations can help your business stand out!


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outdoor signs, workplace safety, hydration, bucket truck, pylon sign, lightbox sign

Slice of Life: Stay Hydrated!

We were installing a Farmers Insurance outdoor sign over in the San Fernando Valley. Our man Jorge was on a bucket truck delicately sliding the exterior sign into its slot on a pylon during a sunny day. It was a cloudless day, with a clear blue sky that seemed endless. Perfect weather for the beach… but not quite for working with heavy machinery. It was somewhere around 100 degrees out there, whew. Boy was our guy parched! That’s why we always remember to stay hydrated. It didn’t help that it was a mall sign, which meant a face-full of cool, refreshing AC was nearby teasing him. (more…)

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Pylon Sign for AGWC in Woodland Hills

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a pylon sign for AGWC in Woodland Hills. With the optimally located street pole sign, AGWC becomes so much more visible. Day or night, passersby and visitors alike can see the bright lightbox sign from quite a distance!

AGWC stands for Ady Gil World Conservation, an organization that strives to help animals and decrease their unnecessary suffering. It operates the AGWC Rockin’ Rescue, a animal rescue and adoption center, in Woodland Hills.

3D signs, Box sign, Business sign, Channel letters, illuminated sign, pole sign, pylon sign, lightbox, wayfinding sign
3D signs, Box sign, Business sign, Channel letters, illuminated sign, pole sign, pylon sign, lightbox, wayfinding sign
3D signs, Box sign, Business sign, Channel letters, illuminated sign, pole sign, pylon sign, lightbox, wayfinding sign
3D signs, Box sign, Business sign, Channel letters, illuminated sign, pole sign, pylon sign, lightbox, wayfinding sign

Business Signs for UFC Gym in Northridge

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated several business signs for UFC Gym in Northridge. These include a pylon sign and a lightbox sign. We want our signs to have optimum visibility and illuminated signs and pole signs are great for that. A bright lightbox sign and a pole sign on a strategic vantage point will do the trick.

We also made UFC Gym a metal wayfinding sign and two sets of channel letters. The gym is located in a commercial area, so these will help it stand out from the other establishments as well as help customers locate the gym.

UFC Gym provides training that matches the caliber of world champions, its programs include not only mixed martial arts but also functional fitness and a wide variety of regimens, from personal training to youth and group classes.

Scoreboard Business Sign For Gaspar Insurance Services in West Hills

Knapp Ranch Baseball, Gaspar Insurance Field Scoreboard Sign

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed an exterior metal sign for Gaspar Insurance Services at Knapp Ranch Field. The baseball stadium sign is a digitally-printed outdoor sign, finished with UV lamination for added protection. The business sign reads “Gaspar Field Insurance Services” and was installed by Premium Sign Solutions in the city of West Hills.

Gaspar Insurance Services is a full-service Insurance company located in Woodland Hills, Ca. and Cherry Hill, Nj. Their motto is “We make it our job to protect you”. They are a leader in both Commercial and Personal Insurance services.


Pylon Sign for Booty Works in Los Angeles

Premium Sign Solutions installed and fabricated a six foot by 12 foot, double-sided Pylon Sign for Booty Works located in Sherman Oaks. The pole sign face was fabricated with an unbreakable Lexan face including block out black vinyl and neon green translucent vinyl we specifically created for Booty Works. Another layer of green vinyl with UV lamination was added to the business sign for extra protection against peeling and fading.

Booty Works is a class-centric unique boutique fitness studio in Sherman Oaks and Studio City. Booty Fitness is an energetic fitness studio dedicated to fun yet intense workouts. Their studio ranges from Vélos an athletic blend of cardiovascular/respiratory workout to Buti Yoga a fun and sensual class with high energy.


Back Lit Pylon Sign for Westlake Pro Audio in Universal City

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed two pylon sign inserts for Westlake Pro Audio in Universal City. To create the exterior back lit sign inserts, we first applied premium cut vinyl to Lexan faces. Then we contour cut the image to allow for light to pass through the sign face. We installed the inserts to the customer pylon sign,  instantly updating their look and going with a bolder color scheme.

Westlake Pro offers a large selection of name brand audio and recording equipment, computers and music and recording software, and sound reinforcement and musical instruments, at guaranteed low prices.


Store Front Light Box and Pylon Sign Inserts for Joy Automotive Repair in Santa Monica

Premium Sign Solutions fabricated and installed a store front light box and pylon sign inserts for Joy Automotive Repair in Santa Monica. To Create both exterior signs we fabricated each insert from Lexan and applying a premium digital print to each face. We installed the store front insert to customer light box and the large inserts to their pylon signs. Giving the exterior a clean modern look.

Joy Automotive Repair has been trusted name in the automotive industry for years Servicing multiple areas through out greater the Los Angeles area putting customer satisfaction first.