You are currently viewing Happy Clients with Light Box Sign Insert for Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church in Barstow

Happy Clients with Light Box Sign Insert for Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church in Barstow

This is Shepherds of the Desert Lutheran Church’s new light box sign insert and at the foreground of the church sign are our happy clients with some delicious pastries. With this new light box sign insert, the Barstow church will be all the more visible to their congregation.

Light Box Sign Insert Provides Customizable Illuminated Sign Options

The benefit of light box and pylon signs is that their inserts can be easily swapped or replaced. This means the illuminated signs can be customized in short order. If a business decides to rebrand or display a seasonal greeting or special message, they can swap out the old insert with a new one. They can still reuse the old one if needed, too. Plus if they have multiple locations that use light box or pylon signs, then the inserts can be produced in bulk for standardization. As illuminated signs, these inserts will be visible day in and day out. In the right environment like Barstow’s Mojave surroundings, they can be seen from quite far away too.

The visibility of illuminated signage means that they must be made with high quality materials and fabrication methods. They have to be durable in order to withstand the weather as well as wear and tear. Otherwise, if they malfunction or get damaged, everyone can see it from far and wide. This will undermine confidence in the brand, its facilities or their products and services. So be sure your signs are made with high-quality materials and methods, so that they will stay pristine and continue to impress potential customers.

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About the Client

Shepherd of the Desert, ELCA, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church are two congregations worshipping as one in the desert community of Barstow, California by the Mojave Desert.