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Eye-Catching Pole Signs 

Flippers Neon sign and pole sign inserts West Hollywood

Boost Your Business with Eye-Catching Pole Sign Inserts and Neon Signs in West Hollywood


Do you need a neon sign or pole sign insert? Are you a specialty food outlet or a fast-food company in West Hollywood, California, looking to revamp your shop’s image and attract new customers? Do you feel like your business could use a fresh burst of visibility and style? If these questions resonate with you, you’re in the right place. 


Key Takeaways

  • Premium Sign Solutions transforms businesses with pole sign inserts and neon signs.


  • Collaborative design ensures signage reflects your brand’s style and story.


  • Pole sign inserts offer outstanding visibility, durability, and flexibility for businesses.


  • Get ready to shine in West Hollywood with Premium Sign Solutions’ expert signage services.


In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the success story of Flippers West Hollywood and how Premium Sign Solutions, a leading signage maker in Southern California, transformed their business with pole sign inserts and neon signs. Let’s explore how these remarkable signs can elevate your brand and boost your visual exposure.


Glowing Neon Sign at Night - West Hollywood
Glowing Neon Sign at Night – West Hollywood

Flippers West Hollywood and Premium Sign Solutions

Collaboration is key when it comes to crafting signage that truly reflects a business’s style and its story. For Flippers West Hollywood, the collaboration with Premium Sign Solutions was a game-changer. As a branch of a Japanese pancake restaurant chain known for its fluffy soufflé pancakes, Flippers West Hollywood needed signage that matched their unique brand identity. Premium Sign Solutions worked closely with them to bring their vision to life, ensuring that every element of the signage resonated with Flippers’ passion for exceptional pancakes.


Pole Sign Insert - West Hollywood Restaurant
Pole Sign Insert – West Hollywood Restaurantà

The Design and Details of Pole Sign Inserts and Neon Sign

The pole sign inserts for Flippers West Hollywood are impressive. Measuring 36.625 inches in height and 143.75 inches in width, with a total of two inserts, they are crafted from durable Lexan material. These inserts not only enhance the visibility of Flippers but also provide a striking, professional look to the establishment’s exterior. With their large size and resilient materials, these pole sign inserts ensure that Flippers West Hollywood stands out on the busy streets of West Hollywood, California, and they are a prime example of how Premium Sign Solutions can transform the exterior of a business.


The neon sign for Flippers West Hollywood is a sight to behold. Measuring approximately 30.3 inches high by 96 inches wide, it features 12mm Regular yellow double stroke neon glass, a 15K neon transformer, and a standard 2 inch glass glass stand. With meticulous attention to detail, each letter is equipped with two electrodes and GTO lines to ensure a vivid, glowing display that captures the essence of Flippers’ culinary offerings.


Flippers Neon Sign - West Hollywood
Flippers Neon Sign – West Hollywood

Pole Sign Inserts for Visual Exposure

Pole sign inserts are not just a sign – they’re a powerful tool for boosting visual exposure. For businesses like fast-food outlets, where attracting customers is essential, pole sign inserts offer several benefits. These include outstanding visibility, remarkable durability, and the flexibility to adapt to changing advertising needs. In the bustling streets of West Hollywood, having a strong presence is a must, and pole sign inserts can help you achieve just that.


Pole Inserts in West Hollywood's Busy Streets
Pole Inserts in West Hollywood’s Busy Streets

Frequently Asked Questions about Pole Sign Inserts

As a business owner, you may have questions about pole sign inserts. Here are some common queries and their answers:


Are pole sign inserts weather-resistant?

Yes, pole sign inserts are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting visibility.


Can I customize the design of my pole sign inserts?

Absolutely! Premium Sign Solutions offers custom-designed signs to match your brand and style.


How often does pole sign maintenance require?

Pole sign inserts are low-maintenance, requiring occasional cleaning and checks to ensure they look their best.


Do pole sign inserts require special permits?

The need for permits may vary by location, but Premium Sign Solutions can assist you in navigating the permitting process.


Vibrant Neon Sign - Flippers Restaurant
Vibrant Neon Sign – Flippers Restaurant

Final Thoughts on Pole Sign Inserts 

Flippers West Hollywood’s success story, brought to life by Premium Sign Solutions, is a testament to the impact of well-crafted signage. Your business can achieve similar success by investing in eye-catching pole sign inserts and neon signs. Whether you’re in West Hollywood or anywhere in Southern California, Premium Sign Solutions is your go-to partner for all your signage needs. Elevate your business’s image, boost your visibility, and start attracting new customers today.


  1. Eye-Catching Pole Signs 
    Eye-Catching Pole Signs