Slice of Life: Arts & Crafts, Sign Maker Style

The great thing about being a sign-maker is that if you’re into arts and crafts and love working with your hands, then you’re gonna have the time of your life. We believe that handmade is still best made, after all. Making tiny stickers for your favorite sports teams? Draping a car in an eye-catching vinyl wrap? Making cute signs that’ll be on the storefront of a boutique? How about putting graffiti on a wall… and being paid for it! Those’ll really test your creativity and your handiness.


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Vehicle Lettering for Accel Builders Inc.

Our Tarzana shop applied vehicle lettering for Accel Builders Inc. Want to have your brand seen without a stationary sign? Vehicle lettering and vinyl wraps are pretty much mobile outdoor signs, useful in the busy streets of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and the adjacent areas. They’re also useful in marking designated service vehicles and contractors’ cars.  (more…)

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Silly Signs for Get Togethers!
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Silly Signs for Get Togethers!

The holiday season is a time for reunions, get togethers and parties. Do you have relatives coming to town? Friends visiting? Want to impress them with a custom banner at the airport, or a poster when they come in your abode? Make it memorable with a high quality sign or banner displaying something spectacular, or spectacularly silly, like in-jokes or hilariously photoshopped images of the celebrant or guest in question. Imagine waving that around in the airport!


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On the Importance of Goofing Off

We at Premium Sign Solutions pride ourselves not only in our hard work, but also in our creativity. But how do you cultivate creativity? It’s not just about logging in “creativity” hours – that’s just asking for burnout. Creativity isn’t just about repetition. Yes, it’s part of the package since the brain needs exercise to get used to thinking creatively… but even an athlete trying to reach peak performance needs downtime away from the gym for his or her muscles to rebuild. For building creativity, that means taking some time away to goof off! (more…)

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