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Silly Signs for Get Togethers!

The holiday season is a time for reunions, get togethers and parties. Do you have relatives coming to town? Friends visiting? Want to impress them with a custom banner at the airport, or a poster when they come in your abode? Make it memorable with a high quality sign or banner displaying something spectacular, or spectacularly silly, like in-jokes or hilariously photoshopped images of the celebrant or guest in question. Imagine waving that around in the airport!

On one hand, your guest of honor will be totally perplexed, especially if it’s in public, like somewhere crowded in the middle of Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley with bystanders whipping out their phone cams. On the other hand, what’s better than a good laugh especially after a long flight or after a long time away from home?

A silly sign will be a great conversation piece, you can bring it around, hang it by your group at the restaurant where you’re celebrating, or over the dining room entrance. It’ll also be perfect for group photos, adding to your memories when you’re skimming through your albums years from now wistfully recollecting moments like these.

If you’re an establishment, these can add a human touch to your business, make you stand out above the rest by displaying a sense of humor. Silly signs and banners will turn heads and brighten people’s days, and they’ll love you for it! They’ll also be prime selfie material and can get you organic social media buzz despite being a fraction of the cost of a permanent outdoor sign, like a pylon or monument sign, or indoor lobby signs.

Got a fun idea for custom banners or posters for celebrations, reunions and birthdays? Contact us so we can start working on your master plan!