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Slice of Life: Arts & Crafts, Sign Maker Style

The great thing about being a sign-maker is that if you’re into arts and crafts and love working with your hands, then you’re gonna have the time of your life. We believe that handmade is still best made, after all. Making tiny stickers for your favorite sports teams? Draping a car in an eye-catching vinyl wrap? Making cute signs that’ll be on the storefront of a boutique? How about putting graffiti on a wall… and being paid for it! Those’ll really test your creativity and your handiness.

That’s why, even though a lot of our projects involves using heavy machinery to install outdoor signs, or computers to design lobby signs that display sleek corporate logos, we still stay stocked with lots of supplies that look at home in a grade school arts class. Markers, pencils, sketchbooks, scissors, lots of scratch paper, paint, enough to last an entire class of  kids for quite a while. We might even have a box of crayons lying around somewhere!  And if you just change your perspective a bit, even the big projects are very much like arts and crafts – with wielding machines and boom trucks (and what little kid never wanted to drive heavy machinery, huh?)!

We have to restock often too. There’s no telling whether or not the next job will involve using a crane to mount metal dimensional letters on a building, or hand paint cute murals on a coffee shop’s wall. So, as the saying goes, we’ve gotta be prepared and make supply runs often!

So that’s what working as a sign-maker’s like! You have to have fun with your work if you want to create something that’s got a special touch, that’ll stand out from the rest, especially in the competitive Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley scenes. Want a sign made by pros who can still have fun on the job and make something creative? You know who to call. 😉