Judging Books By Their Covers – A Sign Story

We’re all so judgmental. We don’t mean to be but we just can’t help it. From an early age we’re told NOT to judge a book by its cover, but then that’s exactly what we do. Would you eat at a restaurant that looks dilapidated from the outside? Or sloppy? Or maybe it has a horrible smell? Of course not.

Likewise, successful businesses go to great lengths to create an experience for their customers – a tour of the 5 senses, to help solidify their brand messaging. And a proper sign package can go far in helping to tell customers your story. (more…)

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The Elements of a Sign Site Survey

Did you know that giving a quote for a sign often requires a good amount of attention to ensure accuracy? This is why we’ll do a sign site survey. Our team will head out on site, discuss with you exactly what you’d like and what your branding looks like, among other factors. So, to inform our dear customers, we’ll explain what a site survey entails:


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