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Side of Building Sign for Broad Street Oyster in Malibu

If your storefront isn’t facing the street, then the side of your building that’s by the road might need some signage. Like this building sign for Broad Street Oyster. Now the Malibu establishment’s brand is more visible to passersby and motorists.

Get More Visibility with a Building Sign

Sometimes your storefront won’t be optimally located. So if you want passersby and motorists to notice your establishment, you’ll need signage in more visible positions. A building sign on the side of your store, restaurant or cafe ought to do it. Since it’s facing the street, potential customers will definitely see and recognize it. That’s what wayfinding signs are for!

So, need a business sign that’ll catch the attention of busy pedestrians? Something easily seen by motorists? Contact our Tarzana-based sign company for inquiries.

About the Client

Broad Street Oyster Company is a catering service that strives to bring together families, friends, deliciously prepared crustaceans and friendly banter into an unforgettable dining experience.