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The Elements of a Sign Site Survey

Did you know that giving a quote for a sign often requires a good amount of attention to ensure accuracy? This is why we’ll do a sign site survey. Our team will head out on site, discuss with you exactly what you’d like and what your branding looks like, among other factors. So, to inform our dear customers, we’ll explain what a site survey entails:

The Little Details

You can send us a high-resolution photo of the area that will feature your signage, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned inspection. There are a variety of factors diligent and detail-oriented sign-makers must consider, and a lot of these can’t be captured in a picture or conveyed on a screen.

Accurate Measurements

We have to be on-site to make the measurements ourselves and prevent easily avoidable mistakes. As you can see in the featured image. These measurements also account for the following factors:

Vantage Point

Will your signage be positioned high up where it can be seen far and wide? Is it going to be on your storefront? Moreover, what are the surroundings like?

Is the area by a busy street where it will be noticed by everyone? Where is your establishment located? Are there obstacles – trees, other buildings – that might get in the way?

So these will factor into the design of the final product, and whether your business might need other signs and displays to compliment it. Like wayfinding signs or building signage.

Exposure Time

How much time will your passersby have to glance at your signage? If your venue is at a curve in the road or sidewalk, people can only glimpse at it for a short moment. So the sign has to be simple and bold, since there’s not enough time for them to read the details. On the other hand, if passersby tend to move at a leisurely pace, then the signage can feature more information.

Needless to say it’s important to account for this in the busy Los Angeles and Tarzana scene.


How are the lighting conditions there? Is it shaded or out in the open, is it against the light or will the sun be behind it? We will also have to factor the signage of other establishments – i.e. the competition.

The Right Stuff

The suitable materials for the job. Will the sign be shaded or exposed to the elements? What kind of material or structure will it be built on, and has this been weatherized?

An outdoor sign that’s exposed to the elements will need to be sturdier than shaded ones. Likewise, monument signs that are by the road might get grazed by vehicles.

The Tools Needed

Do we need a boom truck for the installation? Is there a beehive at the site, which has happened to us before? Will our sign installment impede pedestrian or motor traffic? So checking the site out will inform us on the equipment we’ll need and what time of the day we should do the installation.


We’ll discuss your landlord’s and city’s regulations as it relates to signs and then help you prepare a a sign package to attract customers.

As sign-makers who pride ourselves in the quality of our work, you can rest assured knowing that our sign site survey will be thorough. So we have all the bases covered.

Now you know what a site survey involves. Need one? Contact our San Fernando Valley-based sign company for inquiries.