Vehicle Wrap for Auto Aid in Van Nuys


Auto Aid, a local collision repair shop, needed our team to wrap a Toyota Tacoma they had recently repaired. To match the look and feel of the overall fleet of vehicles, our design team recreated the previous custom car wrap design. We also increased the print quality and longevity from the prior truck wrap by using Avery’s premium material.

Auto Aid is a family ran auto repair shop in Van Nuys. They are dedicated to repairing and restoring vehicles so they can be driven safely and reliably.

Offset Lobby Sign in Canoga Park for Title for Cash Now


The owner of Title For Cash Now was moving into a new office and wanted an indoor lobby sign to reflect the professional approach he takes to business.  To ensure he got what he wanted, our team custom cut and beveled an acrylic panel to create an elegant, offset business logo sign.

Title For Cash Now offers car title loans in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding Los Angeles Communities. They are committed to customer satisfaction, making the experience as easy as possible.

Lobby Sign in Tarzana for the U.S. Air Force


The U.S. Air Force Health Professions wanted an indoor business sign for its lobby.  To properly capture the Air Force’s revered image, we individually cut their winged logo and name, creating a 1/2 inch thick dimensional sign with a brushed metal face.

The mission of the U.S. Air Force Health Professionals is the healthcare of our service members and their families.  From Doctors and Dentists to Nurses and Administrators, these Health Professionals ensure our nation’s Airmen are at their best.

Sign Surgery


A poorly maintained sign can cause customers to take their business elsewhere. Would you trust a medical center to reconstruct and revamp your body if their presentation of them self was in disrepair?

And on the flip side, are you trying to drive business with a rusty, dilapidated sign? WHY?  Ensure your sign reflects the quality of your business by allowing our team to design and install something that echoes your brand across the materials, layout and message presented.

Like a Good Neighbor


From our inception, our goal has been to provide businesses not just with signs but with a complete branded experience that attracts and guides customers to them.  Recently we had the opportunity to work with State Farm Agent Sherwin Shafiee ( to create indoor and outdoor signage for his large street-facing marquee, illuminated cabinet above his front door, and inside his lobby.  Using a clear polycarbonate material as our base, we applied multiple layers of vinyl to ensure Sherwin’s outdoor signs would really stand out and reflect the high-end agency he runs.  Sherwin’s lobby sign looks sharp against his State Farm red wall, and he deserves credit for imagining such a polished environment.

Does your company also position itself as high-end?  Does your signage convey the same sense of sophistication?  Could you further enhance your branding with an updated or completely new sign strategy?  Contact us today if you’d like to discuss how Premium Sign Solutions can help your business reach its goals in the new year.

New Year, New Sign


What message is your sign sending? Your advertising may boast that your products are the best, but does your signage represent you differently? Make sure you’re not sending customers mixed signals by neglecting your image.

In this month’s spotlight “Bad Sign,” Red Room, an upscale food and wine bar has a graffiti covered three-year old banner draped over where it’s permanent street-facing sign should go.  With a menu that appeals to sophisticated clientele, does their sign convey that same image?

Make a resolution this year to invest in your company’s branding. You spend tens of thousands of dollars annually on advertising; why not make the greatest marketing choice by updating or replacing your bad sign! If you’d like to discuss your sign strategy – or have a bad sign you think we should highlight next month, Contact Us today!