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Restaurant Banner for The House Newport Beach

This is our exterior custom banner for The House Newport Beach. Part of the restaurant banner sign package for the members-only bar. This project is a collaboration with the interior of the house conceptual design elements by The Hatch Group.

Custom Restaurant Banner Sign Packages for Clubs, Bars, Cafes

Ambiance is a crucial part of the restaurant dining experience. Interior and exterior design can help build this. And signage can be part of the process, displaying the brand logo, highlighting the entrances and other parts of the building’s exterior, accentuating its interior spaces, and more. These signs amplify the brand’s identity, complimenting the establishment’s motif and aesthetics, and contribute to the customers’ experience. So they will have a pleasant and memorable time in the restaurant in question. Banner signs are quick to fabricate and install, making them useful for this purpose. They are versatile and can be deployed indoors or outdoors, giving the brand much needed visibility.

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About the Client

The House Newport Beach is a private bar and restaurant club on the waterfront.

Hatch Design Group specializes in hospitality design, providing unique interiors for restaurants, kitchens and the like.