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Custom Banner Restaurant Sign for The House at Newport Beach

With this custom banner restaurant sign, The House Newport Beach can show off their members-only bar and restaurant club.  The bar sign also highlights their open air dining setup.

Catch the Eye with a Custom Banner Restaurant Sign

Restaurants need quality signs to stand out and attract customers. As more and more establishments re-open, competition will get stiff. So quality signage is a must. Moreover, they may also need club signs that are quick and easy to fabricate and position. So custom banners are ideal for this. In the case of The House, our custom banners sign package provides them with a variety of signage they can deploy in various strategic positions in their establishment. These not only make their restaurant look more attractive but also provide details of their products and services. Such as members-only dining, their contact details and social media account, and so on.

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About the Client

The House Newport Beach is a private bar and restaurant club on the waterfront.