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Pole Sign Debranding for The House in Newport Beach

As part of their new strategy, The House in Newport Beach is changing up their branding to reflect their members-only approach. So we implemented pole sign debranding so the establishment will appear more exclusive. This is in conjunction with the two custom banners and restaurant signs we made and installed for the restaurant.

Changing Signage? Covering Your Logo? Consider Pole Sign Debranding

For The House in Newport Beach, they decided to make their establishment more exclusive and members-only. So this is why they decided to cover or debrand some of their signs.

According to Bloomberg, debranding is when companies simplify their logo’s appearance to decrease clutter, look less corporate and conversely stand out via simplicity. Think of it as aesthetic streamlining. With this, companies can also appear more personal or authentic. And in the case of The House, more exclusive.

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About the Client

The House Newport Beach is a private bar and restaurant club on the waterfront.