Make Your Establishment a Landmark with an Iconic Sign

An iconic sign becomes an institution in the community. When asking for directions, people will use that most distinct and visible outdoor sign as a reference point instead of street names. Not only are they the easiest to see, this also means that the brands these signs belong to have imprinted themselves in the hearts and minds of the people and the community. They’ go beyond promoting businesses and are integral to the local scenery and daily life – becoming landmarks.  (more…)

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Signs for Valentine’s Day

It’s February and you know what that means? Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it a lot of promos and sales. So businesses should be ready with signage that will draw in all the lovebirds going out during this romantic occasion. Thinking of what type of sign you want for V-Day? Here’s some our high quality signs to help you determine which one to get:  (more…)

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