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Car Wrap for Master Blinds in Sherman Oaks

A car wrap is a wonderful way to promote your brand to motorists and pedestrians. Master Blinds just had one installed on their service vehicle and it looks splendid!

Show off your brand while on the move

Signage doesn’t have to be static, your sign can be mobile to truly maximize visibility. Display your brand on your service vehicle, van or truck. Include your contact details so more potential customers can reach you. If you’re operating a food truck, then you’ll definitely need truck lettering too.  And with a car wrap, your ride can have added protection from scratches and dings. They’re easy to install and replace if you want a new wrap.

So, looking for vehicle lettering? Contact our Tarzana-based sign company for inquiries.

About the Client

Master Blinds caters to those looking for beautiful new blinds or shades for their home or business.