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Pantone Color Matching with Hard Proof for Darx

Ever printed something off your computer and it just doesn’t look quite right? Let us handle it, just like what we did for Darx Studio. So with Pantone color matching, we can solve the headache of translating color processes from a design on the computer screen to real life.

Right Colors for the Right Brand

Pantone color matching is a big deal. Sign-makers can be quite particular about it, knowing the importance of color for business signs and how the right combinations can make signage truly stand out.

The Pantone Matching System is a big help in this regard.

The PMS is a proprietary color space, standardizing colors and providing a reference in matching them. Manufacturers from a wide variety of industries, from printing to manufacturing, use PMS. So this saves sign-makers a lot of trouble and ensures that different manufacturers, even when they’re far apart or entirely separate, will still be on the same page (or color).

This is why we will ask if the project involves CMYK or PMS. This is standard fare for sign-makers, designers and printers, but for business owners who just want a sign but aren’t that knowledgeable about printing, it can be a head-scratcher. At least, with this tidbit, you will be more informed and can respond better when the subject comes up!

So, looking for a detail-oriented, meticulous sign-maker for your business branding? Contact our San Fernando-based sign company for inquiries.