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Custom Oversized Banners for the Los Angeles Film School

Another batch of signage for the Los Angeles Film School. This time, LAFS is getting custom oversized banners celebrating their 20th anniversary. These will surely showcase their brand and entice more students to enroll!

Go Extra Large with your Banners

Oversized banners will definitely put eyes on your brand, especially when you’re celebrating anniversaries like LAFS. And while they can be vast in scale, they remain way easier to install than similarly grand signage of more permanent construction. So this makes them easier to replace as well when you need another set of banners for a new season. Aside from going big, keeping signage fresh is key to keeping customers’ attention, after all!

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About the client

The LA Film School is an institute devoted to preparing the next generation of creative professionals bound for the entertainment industry. They offer degrees in fields such as Film, Audio, Animation, Music, Graphic Design and Entertainment Business. This is the first step towards a future in Hollywood!