Law Firm Lobby Signs for Kendall and Regal in Torrance

Is it possible for two law firms to exist side by side? Yes, and they can both stand out equally with quality signage. Like these law firm lobby signs for the offices of Kendall and Regal in Torrance. These are the two laser cut acrylic signs we made for two attorneys who share an office. Our next posts will be focused on each of their individual signs. (more…)

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How confident would potential clients be in entrusting a clinic with their health and bodies if the center can't even maintain a simple sign?

Your Sign Sends a Message

Your potential customers in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley see signs and gauge businesses accordingly even before they step through the front door! Moreover, the consistency of your signs sends a message to customers and onlookers, along with how your signs match your establishment’s aesthetics, and how the appearances of both signs and establishment conform with your brand identity. (more…)

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