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Law Firm Lobby Signs for Kendall and Regal in Torrance

Is it possible for two law firms to exist side by side? Yes, and they can both stand out equally with quality signage. Like these law firm lobby signs for the offices of Kendall and Regal in Torrance. These are the two laser cut acrylic signs we made for two attorneys who share an office. Our next posts will be focused on each of their individual signs.

Sharing Office Space? Compliment Each Other’s Law Firm Lobby Signs

This is a win-win solution. Both lawyers need to promote their brand and make their logos visible. But at the same time, their signs should not be too different from one another to the point of sticking out like sore thumbs in the office. They both must match the aesthetic of their backgrounds. So their signs must co-exist, one must not overshadow the other.

By going to the same sign maker, both law firms ensure that there will be an aesthetic balance with their respective signs. In terms of sign appearance as well as the materials behind their construction. Moreover, it also helps that both firms tackle different fields. One of them handles divorces while the other specializes in real-estate and business. In a way, they are pretty complimentary.

That’s the trick with signage for shared business places. Want to strike an aesthetic balance between multiple parties’ signage? Contact Premium Sign Solutions. Southern California Sign Company based in Tarzana.

About the Client

Kendall Law is a civil litigation firm specializing in real estate, contractual disputes and business law. They are a woman-owned business based in Torrance serving clients throughout Los Angeles.

Regal Law & Mediation, APC is the premier legal service provider for the LA county and surrounding areas, specializing in family law litigation and divorce mediation.